Change bike laws

I was driving down the road today and had to slow down for two cyclists in front of me. The second biker turned and looked at me, then sped up to ride beside the other biker.

I was a little upset with this and looked up the South Carolina law about riding side-by-side. There is nothing about cyclists riding side-by-side down a busy road.

It seems that over the years cyclists have gotten bolder and less responsible. It wasn't long ago when bicycles had reflectors and mirrors on either the bike or the helmet. I cannot recall the last time I have seen cyclists make hand signals indicating which way they were going to turn.

My biggest fear is for cyclists who ride on the narrow roads like Highway 41 This should be banned. I don't know how many near accidents I have seen.

It was refreshing to see someone's idea recently that at least one bicycle rack should be in place on each block instead of a parking spot in downtown Charleston. Just think, they could put meters in them as well.

Bikes should be kept off busy narrow roads, have licenses required for identification, and be outfitted with flags, reflectors, mirrors and license tags.

Bottom line: Bikes do not belong on roads with speed limits over 35 mph.

Sue A. Moor

Bowline Drive

Mount Pleasant

Let's see it

In response to Rep. Jim Clyburn's Aug. 12 commentary about S.C. State's transportation center:

Rep. Clyburn, with all due respect, show me the money.

Neil Whitman

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

Tax burdens

I sometimes think that I am the only one who remembers when we were asked to vote on the lottery. It was supposed to help our failing schools. I thought that sounded wonderful. But look at it now.

It is going to colleges whose tuition jumped up dramatically as soon as it was passed. Now we hear that our state colleges have the highest tuition in the region. What happened to the money from the lottery relieving us of some of our tax burdens?

Has anyone in South Carolina looked closely at their tax bills? Close to 80 percent is going to schools/education. With the lottery in place, shouldn't we get lower tax bills each year?

My household pays approximately $1,500 a year just in school taxes, and if that is an average, where is all this money going? My main question is how do we fix this?

Carol Sitton

Willow Bend Lane


Last-ditch effort

On Aug. 16 a letter writer stated that James Island Mayor-elect Bill Woolsey would "do a great service if he worked toward rejoining all local citizens into one form of government."

I agree that it's confusing and inconvenient to have both city and town residents on James Island. The City of Charleston by various methods (one of the city planners told us years ago that the city can annex down the middle of the street or down a sewer line and everything contiguous to that can be annexed into the city) annexed a lot of the income-producing areas, and then complains that we can't be a self-sufficient city because we have no tax base.

We James Islanders, by and large, never wanted the city here, didn't want to live in the city, and have turned down all attempts to get us to go into the city. The town is our last-ditch effort to keep the city off the rest of James Island.

So, yes, it would be great if there were only one municipality on James Island: the Town of James Island.

Gloria B. Jenkins

Stonewood Drive


No threat

I guess the big "crackdown" on I-26 isn't much of a threat. Nor is it making the police look serious, especially when Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. J.L. Davis seems to be giving more warnings than tickets.

For example, Andy Paras reported that the officer, after witnessing a driver speeding and changing lanes randomly, gave him a ticket for 79 mph vs. the 82 clocked speed and only gave him a warning for improper lane changes. Why not give the ticket for the actual speed and a ticket for the lane changes?

He also saw some driving that admittedly "scared" him, including two vehicles speeding at about 81 mph with less than a car length between them. He pulled them over, listened to one driver tell them that it was kind of a "cat and mouse" game, yet he only gave them each a warning for speeding.

It was a scary sight, yet they only received a warning. How is this new initiative in any way a "crackdown"?

These reckless drivers are probably laughing right now over their little hand slap while still speeding and playing around on the highway. This crackdown sounds more like a joke.

Kim Little

Balgrove Court

Mount Pleasant

Make a difference

The Charleston Animal Society had to euthanize 925 animals in June. Please take advantage of the low-cost spay and neuter clinics for your own animals. Contact the CAS to find out more about the free and easy spay, neuter and release program for feral cats.

Also decide to adopt an animal instead of buying from a breeder. Donate your time and money to shelters. You can make a difference in the lives of Lowcountry animals.

Michel Hammes

Holly Street

North Charleston

Cocky's a winner

In response to a recent letter titled "Retire Cocky" where the writer states, "It is time also to end the use of the gamecock as the mascot of our state university, which only adds to the already poor image of our state nationally."

Our state does not have a poor image nationally. The mascot does not promote cockfighting. You might want to think again if Michael Vick was on the team. But he wouldn't last long under Coach Steve Spurrier.

Anyone who has been to a Gamecock game or watched one on TV knows Cocky is just a playful and amusing mascot that Gamecock fans love.

Jim Monogan

Jawol Drive