Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s situation is political entertainment at its worst. When his medical school yearbook page became public recently, showing two figures on his personal page — one in blackface standing next to another in a KKK robe — he quickly apologized. The next day he denied being in the photo and attempted to excuse himself for “overreacting.”

Members of both political parties, including virtually every declared presidential candidate, have called for his resignation, which he has rebuffed.

News media people who have interviewed him have failed to ask the tough and obvious questions that any citizen would want answers to. No surprise there. He is a Democrat.

In a recent statement, Northam declared that he plans to push for mandatory racial sensitivity training in state government, including public schools, colleges and universities. So, he thinks that the public at large should be punished for his own sins and the state should pay for it?

This sounds like just another attempt to deflect attention from a self-imposed problem, and it is what most leftists who get in trouble try to do. He needs to go.

Mike Schwartz

Divot Court

Mount Pleasant