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Yoga Om & ohm

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Hold on to your hats! Some of you may have trouble believing what is coming next. Here it is. About a month ago I started taking yoga lessons. No, really, I started taking yoga lessons. One of my friends didn’t believe me at first. Later he told me that I was crazy enough to do it.

It’s true. I’ve been to yoga classes. I’m going to tell you several things about yoga. Yoga is all about stretching and breathing. It can build strength in your legs, core, arms and all those muscles you didn’t know you had hidden away in your body. People talk about the benefits of stretching and how good their back feels after doing all these exercises. It does make you stronger and after an hour of exercises you do feel much better. That’s number one.

The second thing about yoga is that it is no joke. These exercises really do stretch you out and make you feel better. The no joke part is how difficult some of these exercises are. If you think any of this is easy, just trying doing a plank. Some of my friends asked if I was serious about it. Without a doubt this has been a serious endeavor. Also, you don’t have time to do anything but try to be serious about it. I spend my time just trying to keep from falling over. Balance is another benefit of this exercise.

Thirdly, your flexibility will improve. After a few sessions you can see a difference in the way you move around. This is a good thing. Yoga should be done with no pain or strenuous effort. Gradually you build up your strength, balanced and stamina.

Yoga is a little complicated also. It took me a couple of weeks to understand some of the things being said. The first few lessons were tough. Those muscles that you didn’t know you had seemed to come alive with pain. After a few days of these exercises the soreness went away and you could tell progress was being made.

This has really been good for me. Slow easy progress is right up my alley. Slow improvement is the kind of thing I can get into.

The class has made progress and now we do a breathing exercise where you breathe out and make the sound om or aum. Om or aum is a sacred sound. It signifies the essence of ultimate reality. Wow! That’s a lot. When you make this sound, it’s done with your head erect, your chest out and it makes your chest vibrate. It supposedly mimics the sound that the universe makes. That really is the essence of ultimate reality.

I did very well throughout the om part of the yoga lesson. It really does relax you and causes your chest to vibrate. I took it as a good sign that I was taking the lesson seriously and I was making progress in learning more about yoga.

At the end of the lesson, you take on a corpse position. You relax and try to clear your mind. Well, my mind wondered a little bit. I thought about om and then started laughing because I started thinking about ohm. Well, ohm’s law is the measure of electrical resistance and conductance. They sound the same and the thought of it got me a little off track.

Next week we have another lesson and will probably do the om part again. This time I’ll be able to keep my mind on the essence of reality and be able to relax in the corpse pose.

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