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Fools Running Amuck

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Dear Editor,

The Biden Administration, as with each and every Democrat Party Presidency since the Carter

years, is proving the fallacies of their Socialist agenda and foolhardy policies. Printing money at

record rates and spending it on their extremist agenda disregarding the Middle Class, who

eventually must pay for their poor judgment, is indicative of their one sided, narrow minded

poorly thought out full speed ahead to the abyss attitude.

As Democrats goose step in unison trampling our Constitution while ignoring our laws, we have

witnessed the ugly underside of their party. The name calling and ridiculous accusations being

heaved on those with a different viewpoint shows the true nature of these purer than thou


Joe Biden has never had an original thought. He is a facilitator, a man who does as told, so

who is making decisions for this Administration? His childish rants and argumentative attitude

clearly show he is not the individual in charge. Joe is not a leader, he has no understanding of

leadership. Watching him try to read from a teleprompter would be funny as he mumbles

through, but he is a man with tremendous responsibilities failing miserably. Is this why

Democrats running for reelection have avoided having him attend their rallies?

His very first day in office those who follow the political world knew a disaster was just around

the corner. Canceling the XL Pipeline his first day in office while declaring war on fossil fuels

and signing hundreds of regulations restricting the oil companies from drilling, one immediately

knew the price of gas would rise exponentially. Putin had nothing to do with gas prices in our

country, but Joe Biden does. So when are you purchasing your Electric Vehicle?

The actions of this president are an outrage. This is the socialist in our country seeking to force

the American people to bend to their rule. Does freedom of choice ring a bell? Not in the

vocabulary of leftist. What we have witnessed is not about choice but control. Socialist are

determined to force the American people to their way of thinking and those who refuse to accept

will be mocked, called names and excluded. If that fails, they will send the FBI to have you

arrested and jailed. These are the actions of a socialist state, not a republic.

When a member of the party in power states publicly half of the people in our country are a

threat to democracy, we are headed to a dark place, a place where insurrection is born. By their

actions and words, one must think this is what they truly want. Americans fighting Americans is

an abomination born in sick minds. To attack Americans calling them domestic terrorist and a

threat to our country makes us all think the individual making such a statement mentally

incompetent. Americans do not need a lecture, we need leadership. Provide the same or get

out of the way.

Blue states, those with Democrats in charge have become a hotbed for Socialist/Communist

ideals. Make no mistake Socialist and Communist are one and the same. As my T-shirt clearly

states, Communism is just the next variant. The very thought some Americans think socialism

or communism would be a good thing are either naive or brainwashed. Nothing good has ever

come from a socialist or communist country. Our nation has provided millions of miracles for

mankind around the world. Our introvations are sought by all. Our medical advantages have

saved millions of lives, our goodwill and donations have improved the lives of millions. Yet

some in our country only see the bad in our history. We have made mistakes in our history but

always came away trying to never repeat our failures and move forward with better intentions.

After previous wars we have rebuilt the very nation we fought, we give billions each and every

year to less fortunate countries. We are the first on scene once a natural disaster occurs

providing help to those affected. Tell me what the socialist and communist countries have done

for mankind? Socialist countries import weapons from Communist countries to keep their

people in line.

This administration has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Two talking points now seen daily

on the news from Democrats are a reference to “Mother Earth” and “Respect the Rule of Law.”

Really! So allowing illegal aliens to enter our country when we have laws regulating who may

enter our country is respecting the rule of law? Liars! Hearing Nancy Pelosi repeatedly refer to

Mother Earth is a joke. Who designated her Mother Nature? Anyone who uses their office in

Congress to amass a fortune of 357 million dollars should keep quiet and hope Republicans

never get control of the House of Representatives and begin an investigation of her actions. But

as we have all witnessed, Democrats will never be prosecuted for violating our laws. The

Democratic party is rapidly becoming the party for crooked women.

Speaking of crooked? Hunter Biden and the corrupt family of Bidens as a whole, have amassed

a few fortunes by selling access to the political elite. Simply following the lead of the Clintons,

the Bidens have suddenly reached corruption stardom.

Stay tuned, more to follow.