PREP SPORTS: Hall 'eats, sleeps and drinks Cane Bay High School'

Greg Hall

Greg Hall

Tim McDowell has been with the Berkeley County School District for going on 30 years and hasn’t worked alongside anybody in the same league as Greg Hall when it comes to service to a school.

“I’ve been in the district 28 years and I’ve never seen anybody this dedicated to a school and athletic program,” the Cane Bay High School principal said. “Whatever you need done, Greg will do. It’s always ‘What can I do?’ In my world, I wish I could pay him $100,000. Without a doubt service comes natural to him.”

Hall is an athletic administrator assistant at Cane Bay and sports a number of different hats on the sideline and in the hallways. He is the school’s B-Team football coach, helps out with varsity football stats, has been a varsity assistant girls basketball coach, serves as head coach of the track and field teams. He is heavily involved with the athletic program’s social media and athletic web page.

Then there are countless other contributions not as noticeable like breaking down game film, setting up for prom and monitoring hallways during tests.

“His commitment to the kids is second to none,” McDowell said. “Greg will be the first one on our campus and the last one to leave. He is a motivator not only for our athletes who excel but he also finds a way to reach kids who have not necessarily done a whole lot yet. He helps develop them and get them to where they want to go. He helps get them to the level where they can compete.”

Hall has been a part of the Cane Bay High School community since its doors opened in 2008. He came over from Hanahan High School with Jeff Cruce, the Cobras’ first football coach.

“Athletics give a school a reason to come together,” he said. “I enjoy supporting all of the teams here at Cane Bay, not just the teams I coach. I was lucky enough to be able to come here and build this school from the ground up. Now we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor.”

Any day of the week, Hall isn’t hard to find. He’s around Cane Bay somewhere.

“Greg eats, sleeps and drinks Cane Bay High School,” McDowell said. “You could come to any event at Cane Bay and if Greg is not coaching, he will be in attendance.”

And occasionally, he pitches in elsewhere.

Over spring break, Hall was the public address announcer at the HHS site for the Hanahan Invitational Tournament.

“He’ll do anything you need, except go home,” McDowell joked.