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Elected officials unknowingly taking away our private property rights

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Sustainable development is alive and well in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. Knowingly or unknowingly, our city/town and county councilmen are being used to implement a plan to reorganize American society, to our individual detriment, under the excuse of environmental protection.

After President George H.W. Bush agreed to the United Nations’ Agenda for the Twenty-First Century in 1992 (Agenda 21) and President Clinton made it US policy in 1995, power brokers of multiple Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have lurked behind town/county planning.

Think: The American Planning Association. Think: The Council of Governments (COG). Think; Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI). Public/Private Partnerships lurk among the many powers behind the Sustainable throne.

Does good ever emanate from the United Nations? How many UN nation-members respect property rights or individuals? The UN Charter respects neither.

America is twenty-five (25) years down the Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development/Smart Growth highway.

People are fleeing California because it is Sustainable Development’s grand poster child. Unfortunately, South Carolina may be California in the making—for more reasons than SCANA. If you care about your children’s future, consider the following.

In 1994, our S.C. legislature voted to require towns and counties to produce 10-year plans. Planning has included UN Agenda 21 edicts and regionalism. Recently, our counties completed the 10-year planning circus. In Dorchester, the paid, out-of-state American Planning Association (APA) envoy arrived with pre-determined questions designed to generate “smart growth” answers. What difference would citizens’ answers make anyway? Less than 1/1,000th of citizens bothered to answer the concocted questions.

Local government’s first duty is: constitutional governance, safety and maintenance. But, this is how deep UN hooks sink into local government. Dorchester County Council announced a humongous business-license fee increase. Fees were reduced. But in reaction to the situation, a local citizen decided to research. He found that County Council utilizes NAFTA’s (international) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as its guide.

NAFTA is a stepping stone to the North American Union (US, Canada, Mexico) which will eventually eliminate US sovereignty and our Constitution. Watchful citizens are needed if we are to ever to restore local/state Constitutional governance.

Local implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development is now obvious. Charleston City Council recently threatened Ashleyville and Maryville, two long-existing West Ashley black neighborhoods, with “Eminent Domain.” Planners Dover & Kohl used the “affordable housing” promise to win them. Citizens rose up in righteous anger. The City retreated, offering documentation to keep their homes. For now.

Because Sustainable Development and Big Real Estate are restricting the building of new single-family homes, stack & pack, Russian-styled rental apartments are popping up everywhere.

Local government “planning” is forcing denser populations on current residents. Dorchester’s foreign, paid “Planner” admitted limiting apartment parking spaces. Why? Oh, I forgot! The UN goal is: rent, don’t own; work across the street; bike or bus everywhere else.

Elected representatives love to graze on the fodder in the trough of federal money grants. (The better to eat you with, my dear!) After all federal money is enticing to town and county councils.

Forget that we elect them to fight for our best interests. Use of these grants is punishing us citizens with ever increasing unconstitutional rules and regulations that are embedded within grant language.

Example: HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) decides the percentage of nationalities and social justice criteria needed to “balance” a subdivision. One rule: if your home buyer doesn’t fit the social engineering description for balance, too bad, so sad.

If one buyer feels discriminated, he can sue the town. HUD, the EPA, the Department of Transportation, etc., determine what citizens can, cannot do. Like it or not, the National Realtors Association’s money-making “Walk of Shame” with the UN’s Sustainable Development’s boot on all citizens’ throats will ultimately crush our souls and our liberty.

Sustainable Development endangers individual liberty, private property rights and local councils’ power; it’s a global scheme sold as local. Sustainablists’ driving force? It’s the power to reorganize the globe for evil ends—world government. Sustainablists threaten our homeland from sea-to-shining sea. They refuse ranchers’ long-held grazing rights, remove water rights, use endangered species land grabs and local Conservation Easements, etc. Local surveyors complain that they, and rural property owners/buyers, are being slapped with ever-increasing rules and regulations. Google UN Agenda 21 maps showing where humans aren’t allowed to trespass.

Our U.S. Constitution guarantees an individual’s right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” — i.e., private property rights. We elect council members to protect OUR rights—NOT UN dictates. Please understand. Sustainable Development is disorganizing and reinventing America’s precious, personalized towns and cities into a one-size-fits-all, top-down-global force that will control you, me, and our progeny.

It transfers local government power to faceless, unaccountable, unreachable regional bureaucrats—and emasculates our elected representatives. We, and they, will become serfs.

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Joan Holleman Brown, Charleston native and Summerville resident, co-chairs The Summervlle 9-12 Project, a public education group founded upon nine principles and 12 values of America’s founding.