Steyer will say and do anything to get your vote

To the Editor:

San Francisco Billionaire Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Steyer has been campaigning in South Carolina for quite some time.

You see and hear his ads everywhere. Don’t let him fool you. He made all his cash in California from running a hedge fund that invested in coal mining and private prisons.

He has no interest in making our lives better. His only goal is to beat Trump....which is not a good reason to want to be President. His media blitz has not divulged any idea to make our lives better.

To me it seems his only purpose is to pollute media outlets with extreme left wing Democratic thinking and to prey on those voters that he believes can’t think for themselves. Really? How elitist is it of him to think we voters can’t think for ourselves and make our own choice? Also, how elitist of him to think we can’t see through his deceitful messages? We are experiencing the best economy in the history of the world and Tom Steyer doesn’t like it. We now have the respect of other nations and Tom Steyer doesn’t like it. Every American that wants to work can find work and Tom Steyer doesn’t like it.

Does that make any sense to you? Tom Steyer is a classic Democrat that will say and do anything to achieve his PERSONAL GOALS. He’s in this only for himself, not for you. Don’t let him make you the fool by voting for him. A concerned American. Thank you.

Joseph Stella