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LETTER: Voting in coming election made easier with options

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To the Editor:

Be thankful that whether you vote by mail, drop off, or in person, South Carolina’s systems are easy, secure, fraud proof and resistant to hacks. (I remember when they weren’t.)

Mistakes are the biggest reasons ballots are not counted. So follow directions accurately.

If you plan to vote in person Nov. 3, bring current ID, folding chairs, snacks, drinks, and prepare for a wait.

South Carolina brought new voting machines this year. Voting kiosks will have a touch screen and a scanner.

The touch screens will work as before and alert voters to skipped or double markings. Review for accuracy.

Then scan your ballad, a new second step, to complete and secure your vote. A two minute, video tutorial explains how to use both machines .

Voting by drop off or mail is easy. Call the county Board of Elections at 843-563-0132 to receive a ballot application, sign and return it, and the county will send you a ballot, a security envelope, and an outside envelope, all included.

Fill out the ballot, place it in the security envelope and seal it (it must be sealed). Note: A witness is necessary, not a notary.

Drop it off in person at Rollins Community Center, 301 N. Hickory St., Summerville, or stamp and mail it to St. George.

You can also vote absentee in person at Rollins on voting machines. Have a current ID and prepare for a wait.

Look up online or call the Dorchester Elections Board, 843 832-0132, for times, addresses to make sure your vote counts. The county’s phones are ringing constantly. Voting began Monday, Oct. 5th. Four million Americans have already voted.

Walter Rhett