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Letter: Sheriff Knight should live up to his promises

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On July 31, 2020, a few months before the election The Post and Courier wrote an article that Sheriff L.C. Knight in Dorchester County was going to create an Advisory Council of diverse representatives of the community in Dorchester County. As we have come to expect from these politicians, there has been nothing said about it since Sheriff Knight won the election.

Just another empty promise and political stunt to try to get minority groups in the county to vote for him. He appears to have little interest in what his constituents think about the work he and his force are doing.

We are still in a country rife with conflict over the role of police and the tactics of police. Accountability and transparency as well as communication with the people he purports to "serve and protect," the people who pay his salary, are things that should be more than a campaign promise or a political stunt.

Black and LatinX communities in Dorchester County have little faith in the system and little trust in the police. Sheriff Knight can start to build those bridges by keeping his promises. He may have won, as he has done for a decade, but make no mistake, other sheriffs in the area have come to discover that, ultimately, they are accountable to the voters. I call on Sheriff Knight to follow through on what he said and form this advisory council in a diverse manner that represents the community you serve.

Julio Caceres