LETTER: Protests likely to cause spike in coronavirus cases

Why were permits granted to the people who wanted to have a peaceful demonstration? Did our people in authority really believe social distancing and CDC guidelines could be followed?

We were told to shelter in place to follow CDC guidelines. Beaches were closed. Fourth of July fireworks celebrations have been canceled. We cannot attend our worship services because social distancing cannot be figured out. Yet permits were issued for demonstrations.

Now look. Properties have been vandalized, and many of these businesses had just reopened after being closed for nearly three months.

All the CDC guidelines seemed to have been ditched. We saw people out on the streets with no masks. Just watch: the coronavirus numbers will go up. And who should be blame? I would blame our elected officials who granted these permits.

Could we say that because we have all been shelter-in for nearly three months we felt “oppressed” and when we saw what happened to George Floyd we lost our minds and reacted in violence?

Erlinda Caseres

Tupperway Drive