On paper, it appears to be the kind of lopsided contest that even the Vegas bookies won’t take any action on — Representative Liz Cheney, a 54-year-old two term Congresswoman from Wyoming vers…

The cost of construction materials has gone through the roof — if you can still afford a roof, which isn’t very affordable right now.

Triggered I am. So, so triggered. But I’m not having a meltdown. Nor am I weeping on YouTube or posting long, grammatically-incorrect rants on Instagram. I’m not canceling anyone or anything.

I’ve been reading Dear Abby since childhood. Ann Landers too, may she RIP. Advice columnists are the best free entertainment out there. In fact, I used to fantasize about being one…

As parents of three teenage daughters, my wife and I expend a lot of our leisure time managing other people's laundry. Because our children are at an age when I can no longer differentiate the…

Last night I got off my sofa and walked two steps to Widdle on his sofa. (If you’re married you get it.) He pushed aside pillows, old mail and a few paper plates to make room. I snuggled up be…

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On July 31, 2020, a few months before the election The Post and Courier wrote an article that Sheriff L.C. Knight in Dorchester County was going to create an Advisory Council of diverse repres…

Among President Biden’s first day executive actions is one that promised to tackle climate change, a primary concern of Congress. Included as part of the Biden administration’s climate change …

Getting a Ring doorbell is like eating a 50-pound Reese’s Cup—it seems great when you start. And it IS great, until you realize you’ll be eating this giant candy bar for years, and why? WHY???

In 2015, I became pregnant with my twins after undergoing in vitro fertilization. During the process, I was amazed at how quickly my babies developed.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The origin of this quote is controversial yet often attributed to Edmund Burke.

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It was a Republican President who; denied the virus for too long; lied about false alternative cures; and when two vaccines were approved, failed to do the simple math of a 300 million population times two and order 600 million doses immediately.

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If the Covid situation is so dire, desperate, drastic, extreme, and critical, and we have two effective vaccines, then why isn't every pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in this country turning out that vaccine?

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC-01) on Wednesday issued the following statement regarding the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States:

Many of the events on this calendar may have been reschedule due to recent health concerns. Please call before attending.


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