These days, we’re all used to walking through retail stores in October and dodging Christmas displays of inflatable Baby Yoda yard art while we’re still trying to find the perfect Halloween pu…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day when we gather to eat elbow-to-elbow with people we try to avoid the rest of the year.

Slick Willie Sutton, the 1930’s bandit who favored elaborate disguises, was once asked why he robbed banks. He famously replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Last month, a hiker lost on a Colorado mountain didn’t respond to calls from searchers … because he didn’t want to answer an unknown number.

If you ever want to test the limits of your patience, your sanity and your ability to avoid bursting your gizzard from laughing out loud at exactly the wrong moment — in church — try teaching …

Remember when you bought new dishtowels and considered that a kitchen makeover? Me too.

Sometimes I wish we had another dog. When Nicky died five years ago, Widdle and I took it hard. We’re not ready to risk that again.

When my high school classmates obtained a driver’s license, it was not uncommon to hear a teacher opine, “Oh, they must be having a sale at Sears.”

On Oct. 16, Bill Gates’s daughter Jennifer got married in a $2 million extravaganza covered by international media. Best wishes to the happy couple, but … how do you spend $2 million on a wedding?

Now that we are elbow-deep in the pumpkin guts of October, I’m starting to feel the holiday season kick-off excitement. It has captured my imagination ever since I was a young lad overdosing o…

Raising three daughters has come with many delights, challenges, prayers and moments standing in that certain aisle at Target trying to figure out the differences between “ultra,” “Infinity Fl…

The autumn leaves are expected to be extra vibrant this year in Pennsylvania, though they are changing colors a week later than is normal.

I used to think there were only two types of people: Conservatives and liberals.

Sometimes my mind just … wanders. I can be folding clothes or driving to work and start wondering what Bob Marley’s mother’s maiden name was. I don’t NEED the info, but it would be good to kno…

When I worked at my late uncle’s junkyard during junior high school, one of the regular customers (a crusty coot who resembled a cantankerous Roy Rogers sidekick wannabe) assured us that he lu…

Here’s another interesting COVID-enabled trend to ponder: More Americans are leaving big cities and the suburbs to live in rural communities, according to

Raise your hand if you know just two kinds of coffee: Perked and instant. Me too!

I’m going to have my license plate tattooed on my forearm. It’s for the public good.

The Tyree family recently took advantage of our state’s eagerly anticipated annual sales tax holiday on school supplies, clothing and electronics.

Joe, Joe, Joe. This is South Cackalacky. You really think we’re going to legalize weed?

For those who refuse to get vaccinated, please don't be selfish, stubborn or foolish. By being vaccinated you will not lose your freedom. Use common sense by listening to the medical science experts.

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