More traffic calming measures for West Carolina Avenue

New stop sign for West Carolina Ave and Beaufort

A view of West Carolina Avenue prior to the addition of a new three-way stop sign at Beaufort Street.

Earlier this month the town installed new stop signs on West Carolina Avenue but more traffic calming measures are planned for the busy thoroughfare.

An estimated 6,700 vehicles travel daily along the 1.5-mile stretch of West Carolina Avenue between South Main Street and West Richardson Avenue. Residents living along the road have commented that the route is dangerous due to speeding drivers and blind curves.

During a presentation to the town council on Jan. 9, Town Engineer Russ Cornette said he recommended a series of lateral traffic shifts through introducing short center medians, and realigned intersections. In addition, he recommended narrowing the lanes to 10 feet wide and applying an 8 inch white edge to delineate travel lanes.

“If we narrow the lanes, we’ll naturally slow people down,” Cornette said.

The work can be done with Street Department personnel and by using a roadway pavement marking contractor. Cornette said he anticipates the work to take about six months and cost no more than $12,000. The Town Council voted unanimously to implement the changes that he recommended.

His study of the road resulted in a multitude of options including speed humps, additional stop signs and traffic diversions. Ultimately he concluded there was too much traffic for speed humps and those often are problematic for first responder vehicles en route to the hospital.

Intersections to be realigned include West 2nd South Street, Cuthbert Street, South Laurel Street, Sumter Avenue, and Linwood Lane.