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Election 2016: Dorchester County results

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With all precincts reporting, unofficial results show the parks and libraries bond referendum has passed and the referendum on the town's form of government has failed.

The "yes" vote on the bond has remained at about 60 percent of the vote most of the night, with the final tally at 26, 346 in favor and 17,021 against.

The referendum on Summerville's form of government is at 57 percent to retain the town's strong-council form, with 6,084 voting in favor of a change to strong-mayor and 8,153 voting to keep the strong-council form.

None of the night's totals, however, include absentee votes, which were still being counted as of 11:45 p.m. There were about 15,000 outstanding absentee ballots.

Some candidates and advocates of both sides of the referendums are gathering for watch parties.

Republican Katie Arrington, running for House Seat 94 against Democrat Damian Daly, was at the Oak Road Brewery in downtown Summerville.

"I'm decompressing, man, I'm decompressing," she said as she arrived.

About 50 people were with her, and her supporters appeared confident of a win, even a landslide.

Later in the evening she migrated to Miler Country Club where opponents of the town referendum were gathered.

Election Day 2016

Voters at Miler Country Club keeping an eye on results.

Supporters of keeping the town under the strong council form of government, as well as some supporters of the parks and libraries bond referendum, gathered at Miler Country Club.

Election Night 2016

Former police chief Bruce Owens at the Miler Country Club watch party, where supporters of a strong council form of government have gathered.

"The campaign got nasty and dirty on the other side and we stuck to the facts," said Dennis Ashley, a strong-council supporters.

But at a pro-strong-mayor party, Mayor Wiley Johnson said changing the form of government is necessary.

"If we win this thing it will put Summerville on the right track for moving forward from a town to a city," Johnson said.

Election Night 2016

Supporters of a strong-mayor form of government glued to the TV at the referendum watch party.

Meanwhile, Republican coroner candidate Paul Brouthers's supporters at Oscar's of Summerville said they were calling the election in his favor.

"I think we got it," Brouthers said. He was ahead with 60 percent of the vote.

He said an audit of the office would be No. 1 on his agenda.

"I'm looking forward to him bringing integrity and honor back to the coroner's office" said attendee Kelly Morelli.

On the Dorchester District 2 school board, with six candidates and three seats, incumbents Barbara Crosby and Lisa Tupper and regular candidate Evan Guthrie were leading.

Check back with for updates as the votes are tallied.

Monica Kreber, Jenna-Ley Harrison, Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr. and Leslie Cantu contributed to this report.

Dorchester District 2 board

The top three vote-getters in the Dorchester District 2 race will be seated on the school board.

Candidate Votes Percentage
Precincts reporting 69 of 69
Barbara Crosby 16,723 24.08%
Evan Guthrie 14,434 20.79%
John Hull 6,865 9.89%
Pat Parker 8,397 12.09%
Christian Simmons 8,608 12.4%
Lisa Tupper 14,087 20.29%
write-in 324

Dorchester County Coroner

Candidate Votes Percentage
Precincts reporting 81 of 81
Paul Brouthers 27,941 61.5%
Randy Brown 17,422 38.35%
write-in 68

House seat 94

Candidate Votes Percentage
Precincts reporting
Katie Arrington 8,383
Damian Daly 3,453
write-in 26

Town referendum

Shall the municipality of the Town of Summerville change its form of government from Council form to Mayor-Council form?

Yes - Change to Strong Mayor No- Retain Strong Council
6,084 8,153
Precincts reporting all

County bond referendum

 A "yes" vote authorizes the county to issue $43 million in bonds for parks and libraries.

"Shall Dorchester County, South Carolina be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $30,000,000 for funding the acquisition of land and the design and construction of new library facilities in Summerville and North Charleston and general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $13,000,000 for funding recreational facilities, including the development of the Dorchester County Courthouse Park in St. George, the Ashley River Park and the Pine Trace Natural Area in Summerville, and the development of hiking, biking and pedestrian trails, together with associated infrastructure, at various locations throughout the County?"

Yes No
26,346 17,021
precincts reporting 81 of 81