DD2 responds to claims of insensitivity after student death

DD2 Closing schools for students and staff on May 1

A recent post on social media criticized Summerville High School’s administration for the slow response in addressing the death of a student last weekend.

The post discussed the issues some students are facing at Summerville High and gave a number on how many times different students have attempted suicide in a week’s time.

“I am extremely disappointed in Summerville High School and their administration for their lack of acknowledgement and support for the students that attend the school,” the post stated.

The post claimed the principal and staff are being insensitive and are turning a “blind-eye” to a serious issue.

The March, 27 post gained a lot of interest and there was later an update to it saying the High School had eventually reached out.

“Summerville has reached out to the students and their families!!,” the post said. “Thank you everyone for sharing and spreading the word to those that needed to hear it! One small action can change so much! You guys are the best! Thank you to the school for making things right.”

Officials from the school district said they could not confirm things from the actual posting but said a student did pass away last week and the school took the appropriate steps. Although the sensitivity used to address certain issues may be interpreted as a lack of responsiveness.

“I think sensitivity; that is just the way we operate,” said District 2 Public Information Officer Pat Raynor. “It’s not something we play out on social media or respond on social media. We deal with it where it makes a difference with a student, one-on-one.”

Raynor said following the student death there were additional counselors at the school on Monday and they were there throughout the week.

“Our school staff makes every effort to provide support and available services to help any student who is going through any kind of difficulties and it’s done sensitively with the family and the student,” Raynor said.