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Candidates in crowded school board race answer questions

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Dorchester School District 2 Candidates

Top row left to right: Barbara Crosby, Chris Digby, Evan Guthrie and Brooks Moore. Bottom row left to right: Louis Smith, Frank Staropoli, Lisa Tupper, James Weaver and Ashley Wimberly.

The Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce recently submitted a questionnaire by email to the candidates for the upcoming Dorchester School District Two Board election.

The Chamber’s public policy division exists to advocate for the interests of Chamber members and businesses in Dorchester County with a focus on impartiality.

It is important to note that the Chamber does not endorse candidates and instead holds a candidate forum before contested state and local elections.

Due to the size of the slate for Dorchester School District Two board and the restrictions of COVID, the Chamber opted to send forum questions to the candidates via email with the promise of publishing their answers uncensored and in their entirety.

The following at-large Dorchester School District Two board candidates received a forum questionnaire: Barbara Crosby (incumbent), Chris Digby, Evan Guthrie (incumbent), Brooks Moore, Louis Smith, Frankie Staropoli, Lisa Tupper (incumbent), James Weaver, and Ashley Wimberly.

The questionnaire included five questions:

• What is your experience with working or volunteering within our local education system?

• As a school board member, would you support our teachers with increased pay and other incentives to keep them in the profession? What ideas do you have to incentivize the teaching profession in Dorchester District Two?

• What are your strategies for helping our children and families with mental health issues? To what extent is the school district responsible for these issues?

• How has your involvement in the community, with private businesses, or other forms of government allowed for an accomplishment that benefited our schools or the community at large?

• The Chamber advocates for continued excellence in preparing our students for the workforce and/or continued education. What steps will you take to bolster Dorchester School District Two to ensure academic success?

At the time of this release, the Chamber did not receive responses from Barbara Crosby, Brooks Moore, or Louis Smith.

A full report that includes the candidates’ uncensored and complete responses is published at

Source: Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce