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“May you live in interesting times.” There is some dispute over the origin of this particular saying but, dispute or not, we are here. The coronavirus which has been active in China over the l…

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I (Henri Bianucci) have been asked if dogs can get coronavirus. The answer is that they can, and do, get corona viral infections, but they do not, to the best of our knowledge, get the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

Schools in the Dorchester District 2 area are taking all necessary precautions to defend against the coronavirus. Currently there are 2 confirmed cases of the virus in South Carolina, one of w…

Dorchester County is closely monitoring developments involving the coronavirus and is following the interim guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Some of the strategies are stand…

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The coronavirus is cancelling flights, grounding travel and infecting major election campaigns. How worried are you? THE STORY: http://bit.ly/38ma7Xg

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