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“The Dudes” come to Azalea Park

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“The Dudes” come to Azalea Park

“The Dudes” Pant-Planters put a new spin on planters.

If you are in the market for a good conversation piece you may want to drop by “The Dudes” Pant-Planters booth at this year’s festival.

Gabriela Diaz Capt and her husband, Rodrigo, moved to the U.S. from Argentina in 2001 to take jobs as graphic designers. Approximately three years later, she came up with the idea to make planters out of old jeans and shoes.

“I had some cloths that my kids had outgrown but I didn’t want to get rid of them,” Capt said. “I started thinking about what I could do with them and it came to me. I used some to make a planter and put it out on our porch. Everyone loved it and things took off fast from there.”

As the orders began pouring in, she started running out of material. However, between neighbors donating cloths, yard sales and thrift shops she found all the supplies she needed to make their unique planters.

Now the couple travels the country to participate in arts and crafts shows. Along the way, she often shops for fresh material. Today she not only looks for jeans and tennis shoes, but for items such as skirts, ice skates and bicycles that can be used in designing planters.

“They all come with a plant, but each one is different,” she said. “We have one made to look like a climbing hiker that is very cool. Our planters are the kind of thing you either love or hate. Men seem to like them as much as women and whether you are young or old it’s something you can enjoy.”

Some of the “Dudes” stand while others sit, kneel or swing. The planters can be used inside or out, but the Dudes’ clothing can fade just like anyone else’s when exposed to the elements. Prices for the planters typically range from $38 to $260.

The couple takes pride in their work, which is reflected by their slogan “Made in the USA by Argentinian hands.”

If plants aren’t exactly your thing, the planters can be used in a variety of other ways. They can be used hold items such as cookies, candy, pencils or even toilet tissue for someone wanting to add a touch of humor to their bathroom.

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