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ART On the Square gallery, 420 Nexton Sq. Dr., Summerville, 843-871-0297. Closed until further notice.

When the new ART on the Square at Nexton in Summerville opened, I had walked around the gallery there to take in all the artist’s work. Please note that the gallery is closed until April 1 whe…

ART On the Square gallery, 420 Nexton Sqare Dr., Summerville, 843-871-0297.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many of these businesses may be closed for full service because of health reasons related COVID-19. Call before you go.

I was on Facebook within the last few weeks and, suddenly, I noticed that Courtney Bates of the Flowertown Players was way over in Edinburgh, Scotland! Come to find out, there’s a changing-of-…

St. John the Beloved’s Concert Series has been ongoing annually since 2008. The church’s much-loved music director, Rodney Ward, will be the featured musician at its March 15 concert.

ART On the Square gallery, 420 Nexton Sq. Dr., Summerville (29486), 843-871-0297.

ART On the Square gallery, 420 Nexton Square Dr., Summerville, 843-871-0297.

BUMMERVILLE AMPHITHEATRE at The Flemshady Rest – See www.Bummerville.com to sign up.

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I met Jubal “JB” Biggs a year ago now. Currently, I am reading this book which showcases the incredibly challenging childhood he and his siblings endured. He hails from Vallejo, California.

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ART On the Square Gallery, 420 Nexton Squre Dr., Summerville, 843-871-0297.

Live Music and Arts Scene: Find a complete listing of live local music and arts events at journalscene.com CHARLESTON SPORTS PUB, 9730 Dorchester Road, Summerville, 843-900-0393, Jan. 17, 9 p.…

I first interviewed Jan Dalton when she was the President of the Summerville Artist Guild (SAG) back in January 2018. One of my upcoming columns in February will be on SAG and its current pres…

My editor sent me an email on this author months ago. With a brand-new year and decade, Jondalyn Holmes’ book, “A New Birthing,” published through GWW Publishing Co. (now, Relentless Publishin…

CHARLESTON SPORTS PUB, 9730 Dorchester Road, Summerville, 843-900-0393, Dec. 27, 9 p.m.-12 midnight, John Wesley Zackery, II

Cheryl Oliver’s name was on the “Author! Author!” local book event from last fall online, so she’s been in my tickler file for a while now. We recently met for coffee to discuss her books.

CHARLESTON SPORTS PUB, 9730 Dorchester Road, Summerville, 843-900-0393.

I recall meeting Michael Kaltofen a few months ago, not long after the new local independent bookstore, Main Street Reads, opened as he was playing guitar there during a Third Thursday evening…

ANTIQUES & ARTISANS VILLAGE, 619 Old Trolley Rd., Summerville, 843-900-5386. Dec. 7, 9, 10, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Dec. 8, 12-6 p.m., Gingerbread Creation Contest BUMMERVILLE AMPHITHEATRE, beh…

You may recall that “Art Central” left its Short Central location in July when an opportunity came to move to a more spacious venue. The business is now at 420 Nexton Square Dr. in Summerville…

I think I met Dan Riley at the Second Saturday Porch Jam over at the Knightsville General Store and Coffee House which he hosts. Dan has written more than 100 original songs since he was a tee…

BUMMERVILLE AMPHITHEATRE, behind Guerin’s Pharmacy.

I stopped by the Summerville Farmer’s Market on Oct. 26 as it had been some time since I had done so. There I met Nate Parr at his own arts table. I immediately got a real kick out of the expr…

The Third Sunday at 3:00 concert series will present Patricia Hannemann and Patrick Boyle in an afternoon of duo piano repertoire concert on Sunday.

CHARLESTON SPORTS PUB, 9730 Dorchester Road, Summerville, 843-900-0393. Nov. 15, 9 p.m. to midnight, David Grunstra. COASTAL COFFEE ROASTERS, 108 E. 3rd No. St., Summerville, 843-376-4559. Nov…

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With Halloween fast approaching, it was timely to do a story on The Flowertown Players/Underground Series production of Ghost Quartet with music and lyrics by Tony Award-nominated composer and…

CHARLESTON SPORTS PUB, 9730 Dorchester Road, Summerville, 843-900-0393.

Many of the events on this calendar may have been reschedule due to recent health concerns. Please call before attending.




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