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Good Samaritan stabbed by deceptive suspect

Attempted Murder XXX

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A well-intentioned driver’s efforts to come to the aid of an individual laying along the pavement on Johnson Road took a nearly deadly turn for the motorist who suffered a stab wound to the abdomen and other injuries during the late afternoon hours of June 13, according to police.

Upon pulling her car over, the suspect reportedly sprang to his feet and charged the woman, who was later transported to Trident Medical Center for treatment, as stated in a report provided by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO).

The offender was described as a White male sporting light blue jeans, a white shirt, light brown hair and some facial hair. In addition, the alleged assailant features a prominent tattoo on one of his forearms.

The DSCO is cautioning residents about the dangers involved with stopping for strangers, particularly in remote and/or less-traveled areas.

The department recommends: “If you believe someone needs help, please call 911 and let law enforcement and other first responders deal with the matter. Please don’t become a statistic.”

A law enforcement spokesperson informed this paper that additional information will be provided as the investigation of the attack continues. The DCSO also hopes to prepare a composite sketch of the accused aggressor.

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