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Q&A with model Addison Soens

Local photographer Bob Kay informed me of model Addison Soens. While Soens lives in Mount Pleasant, she has been a model through Millie Lewis here in Summerville for some time now. A side note is that a year ago, Soens was “Miss Folly Beach Teen 2020” who went on to compete in the Miss South Carolina Teen Pageant. She is in her senior year at Wando High School. Currently, the Big Apple … yes, New York City, has shown interest in her as a model — how exciting!

Regan: How and when did you begin to be a model?

Soens: It all started three years ago with a family friend, Debbie Childs. She has been involved with Millie Lewis for a while. She has always told me I had so much potential to become a model and finally convinced me to do it!

R: How did you become “Miss Folly Beach Teen 2020”? Were you living in Folly Beach a year ago?

S: I had been competing in pageants since I was a little kid, and I decided to enter the pageant to be able to compete in the state competition. I ended up winning the title from hard work and a lot of practice! I do not live in Folly Beach, but I do like to visit Folly Beach to surf occasionally.

R: What was that like to compete in a statewide beauty pageant? What was involved?

S: I loved competing in the state competition as I was able to meet so many beautiful and kind young women from across the state. I would describe the competition as eventful. We had three phases involved with it, which were the interview, fitness and evening gown. I am so grateful I was able to have that experience.

R: What do you think it takes to be a successful model, other than good looks?

S: I think it takes dedication and drive to become successful. You always have to be on top of your game with staying in shape and making sure you are eating healthy. You also must be easy to work with, (from) knowing your angles and your walk to being efficient and quick on your feet for what the client wants.

R: What has the Millie Lewis agency taught you most about being a good model?

S: To have tough skin. In the modeling world, you are not always going to be what the clients want. Sometimes it can be hard being rejected for jobs. Always be positive and do not doubt yourself when this happens.

R: What other talent/modeling agencies are you signed up with? Who is potentially interested in you from (New York City), when will you hear more and what would that possibly lead to (magazine spreads, etc.)?

S: My local agency is Millie Lewis Charleston and I have a mother agent in New York as well. I am signed with Select Models of Atlanta. I was offered representations from both Elite New York and Ford Models NYC. New York has strict guidelines about being 18 years old or older to be able to model professionally. The major agencies are waiting for me to turn 18 this summer. I am being developed as a fashion model, which would mean I would be doing high fashion runway, which would mean I would be doing high fashion runway in New York and abroad. Ford Models expressed interest in launching me for New York’s fashion week this coming September! After that, hopefully I will be picked up by a major brand and will also be allowed to walk for that brand and also for the Paris and the Milan shows as well.

R: What is next for you?

S: I am graduating from Wando High School in June and then my plan is to move to New York City. If the major agencies that want to sign me want me to wait to work in the New York market longer, I will then possibly be going to Tokyo for several months to work in that market.

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