With 2021 upon us, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce is looking back over the last ten months to see not only how far we have come, but also a look to what’s in store for the new…

After being out of commission for weeks due to a COVID-19 brought on shutdown, Dorchester School District Two wrestling teams are hoping to return to action next month.All three high school te…

Buddy is an 11-year-old male Labrador retriever mix looking to be your best buddy ever. Though he’s just a tiny bit older, he still knows how to have a good time and rough around with the best…

It was a Republican President who; denied the virus for too long; lied about false alternative cures; and when two vaccines were approved, failed to do the simple math of a 300 million population times two and order 600 million doses immediately.

If the Covid situation is so dire, desperate, drastic, extreme, and critical, and we have two effective vaccines, then why isn't every pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in this country turning out that vaccine?

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC-01) on Wednesday issued the following statement regarding the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States:

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