North Charleston’s Dixie Majors all-star baseball team extended its summer with a 1-0 victory over visiting Spartanburg in the Dixie Majors state championship game July 13 at Collins Park.

Charleston Southern University junior defensive tackle Shaundre Mims has been named to the College Football America Yearbook's 2020 FCS Preseason Starting Lineup, CFA's version of an All-Ameri…

The Dorchester Soil and Water Conservation District Awarded three people with its 2020 scholarship winners, and congratulated them on their "hard work and determination to obtain such excellen…

It can happen to anybody. I’m an established lifelong klutz who’s taken innumerable tumbles. My late husband was agile and athletic, but even he could go down unexpectedly.

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How do you feel about wearing a mask in public?

Most local municipalities have passed ordinances requiring masks to be worn in all retail stores and most places open to the public. THE FULL STORY:

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