James Island Town Council voted for the second time Tuesday to abandon all efforts to acquire the historic McLeod Plantation through eminent domain.

Councilman Leonard Blank said the group voted the same way on the same motion at its July 20 meeting. But the agenda for that meeting was amended to include a discussion and vote on the issue. It wasn't posted on the public agenda.

Some legal questions were raised, he said, so council decided to put the McLeod decision on the public agenda for the Aug. 10 meeting, and vote on it again.

"We wanted to stop it," he said of the McLeod proposal, "because money was being spent hand-over-fist, day after day."

James Island Mayor Mary Clark had cancelled both Tuesday's meeting and one scheduled for Aug. 24, but three town councilmen decided the group would meet, Blank said. Meetings are required by ordinance, he said, and it would take the vote of at least three members to cancel one, he said. That's not something Clark had the authority to do on her own.

Clark said she cancelled the August meetings so the new administration could use the dates for council trainings.

A TV news site reported Wednesday that Clark would not finish her term, which ends Aug. 31. But Clark said she had no intention of stepping down. She will work until 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. on the last day of her term, she said.

Bill Woolsey will be sworn in as the Town of James Island's new mayor at 7 p.m. Aug. 31.