SUMMERVILLE — The man standing in the middle of the latest traffic nightmare in the Lowcountry has just worked a 12-hour night shift. In the pre-dawn, he’s waving a red flashlight like a matador at cars brushing past him.

More than a few pop the gas pedal as they go by, honk the horn or yell. One driver on Tuesday rolled down the window in the cold to gripe, “’Bout time.”

Welcome to Cooks Crossroads, the intersection of Bacons Bridge Road and Highway 61. Dorchester County Sheriff’s Cpl. Mike Intini volunteered for this. For two hours, his job is to direct vehicles through this snarled, short fuse of a mess.

The four-way stop sign is the convergence of rush-hour traffic going back and forth on two-lane roads from the busy Oakbrook suburb and the expansive Legend Oaks subdivision, along with cars and buses headed to and from Beech Hill Elementary and the newly built Ashley Ridge High schools.

Tuesday was the first day back to school after holiday break. At the stop signs, the line of traffic backed up so far at some points Intini couldn’t see the end of it.

Intini, 29, isn’t the solution. He’s a stop-gap as county leaders search for a fix that might not be there in a hurry. So far, reviews are mixed.

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