MIAMI — Hurricane Danielle has formed far from land in the Atlantic with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph (120 kph), and it's expected to strengthen in the next couple of days.

Danielle is the second Atlantic hurricane of the year, the first “classic” Cape Verde storm of the August-September season. On Monday afternoon, it was about 1,320 miles (2,120 kilometers) east of the Lesser Antilles islands.

Forecasters say the storm could become a major hurricane by Wednesday. It is likely to throw high surf onto South Carolina beaches by the weekend.

Behind Danielle, another storm wave blew off Africa today that’s expected to become a tropical cyclone. There’s another wave crossing the continent behind that one.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Frank has weakened slightly in the Pacific. Its maximum sustained winds were 50 mph (85 kph), but it could gain strength again in the next day or so.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for Mexico's coast from Laguanas de Chacahua westward to Zihuatanejo. A tropical storm watch is in effect from west of Zihuatanejo to Punta San Telmo.