I’m 58 years old and don’t have a family history of any kind of cancer in my family. I always have a yearly mammogram and do monthly self-checks.

The weekend after the Fourth of July, my husband and I had been out enjoying our Jet Ski. Later that week, I noticed an ugly raw spot on my right nipple about half an inch long and quarter inch deep. I thought it was from being out in the water so long. I put antibacterial cream on it and bandaged it. Two weeks later, it was still there.

I made an appointment as soon as possible to see my OB/GYN. She didn’t like the looks of it and made an appointment for me to go to The Breast Place near Trident. I wasn’t worried at the time. When I went in, my doctor didn’t like the looks of it and did a biopsy right then. Now I started to get a little worried. The next day she called and said it was cancer. I was in shock. How could it be cancer?

A week of testing and I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease of the breast, a rare form of cancer. No lumps, no anything other than that spot on my nipple.

On Aug. 14, I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. On Sept. 4, I had to go back in the hospital for an infection. I am home now treating my infection with infusion antibiotics.

I worry if something else will go wrong and when my surgeries to reconstuct will be done.

Mary Brennan