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Daily Digest (from home): During pregnancy, James Island woman turns to 'abnormal menu'

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Kristin Mein

Kristin Mein has been eating lots of small meals rather than a few big ones. Kristin Mein/Provided

The Post and Courier’s Daily Digest columns are usually conducted as “man-on-the-street” interviews. But during the coronavirus pandemic, our readers are not on the street as much; they’re stuck at home maintaining a safe social distance. So we’re shifting this coverage to better reflect that reality. Behold: Daily Digest, self-quarantine style.

Kristin Mein lives in James Island.  

This actually may be an interesting interview because I'm pregnant with a quarantine baby and have been eating a very abnormal menu of things that make me not want to barf. 

I've been having to cut back my caffeine intake, which is rough. So I've started doing like half a cup of decaf coffee and half normal coffee, but I've been mixing Trader Joe's spiced chai mix into it. Really good. So then I had half a bagel with some cream cheese, and the other day I made olive cream cheese. I just cut olives in half and mix them into cream cheese. It's very complicated. (Laughs.) 

The bagels were from Trader Joe's. I went to Trader Joe's earlier this week, so a lot of what I've been eating is from that run. I wish they were good, fresh bagels, but ... 

So, basically, I've been having to eat small stuff throughout the day so I don't feel like I'm going to throw up. So I also had this like totally mediocre blueberry muffin that I've made a batch of. They're like healthy. They're not bad, but they're not delicious.

Also, at some point, I had a peach. 

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For lunch, I cut up cold watermelon. It has squeezed lemon on it. Fancy watermelon, very refreshing. And then I also snacked on this herbed, marinated tofu that I made. It's marinated in kind of a lemony basil parsley blend.

And then ... oh! I'm telling you, I ate like 20 things yesterday. So for my next lunch, I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup. I toasted the bread on the pan with butter. Dave's Killer Bread, butter on the outside, two slices of cheddar cheese. I also like to put the chili onion crunch from Trader Joe's on it. And then, the soup was creamy tomato with some Parmesan and thyme in it. 

Throughout the whole day, I've been snacking on these sour candies, because they help make me not want to barf. Apparently for the first trimester, you just feel really crappy. It's better now, but like, literally, there was a point where I couldn't open the refrigerator without gagging. I'm just beginning to be able to eat vegetables, and I love vegetables normally. It's really weird. Carbs, cheese and fruit has been all I eat.

What else did I have yesterday? Hmm. I think I had some Trader Joe's buffalo hummus and pita chips. 

And then for dinner, we were too lazy to cook so we got Chinese food. We got it from ... New China Wok on Harbor View (Road), I think. It's really close to our house. 

We got crispy cheese, wontons and their "Triple with Hunan Style" dish, which is like chicken, beef, shrimp and mixed vegetables with spicy brown sauce. 

Then they give you this free dessert thing that's like a sugar-covered thing; I ate half of one of those. No drinks, but I drank a ton of ice water. I carry around a gigantic Yeti cup and chug that all day. Not my most proud day of eating, but that's OK. 

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