Due to updates in the way SCDHEC provides its data, our COVID-19 dashboard is undergoing maintenance to reflect those changes. Thank you for your patience.

Latest Developments

The shots could begin in early November, with the first children in line fully protected by Christmas, if regulators give the go-ahead. That would represent a major expansion of the nation's vaccine drive, encompassing roughly 28 million elementary school-age youngsters.

A number of factors, including the vaccine you started with and when your last dose was, help determine when you qualify. Just like the initial shots, boosters are free and will be available at pharmacies, doctors' offices and clinics.

Gov. Henry McMaster lashes out at Charleston County schools over their hiring of security guards to enforce their new mandatory mask mandate, but fell short of calling the mandate "illegal."

School President Gen. Glenn Walters encouraged staff and students of The Citadel to still take precautionary measures that included getting tested if they were symptomatic. 

South Carolina's Department of Health and Environment has revised its school COVID safety guidelines as the number of cases drop. 

The number of new COVID-19 cases in South Carolina is continuing on a downward trend.

About the data

Data is based on The Post and Courier's reporting, drawn mostly from DHEC reports.

Known cases refers to the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Death data is presented as confirmed and probable deaths.

DHEC reports its data with a 2-day lag time. Our dashboard timestamp reflects the date we update, and our data also lags by two days.

County-level vaccine data describes the total number of vaccine doses administered by that county.

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Power shortages are turning out streetlights and shutting down factories in China. The poor in Brazil are choosing between paying for food or electricity. German corn and wheat farmers can't find fertilizer, made using natural gas. And fears are rising that Europe will have to ration electricity if it's a cold winter.

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