Martina Navratilova and Michael Douglas both have successfully battled cancer (breast and throat), and like millions of other North Americans, they hope that renegade cancer cells don’t turn up somewhere else in their body in the years to come. Well, for them and the almost 12,000,000 other Americans living after a cancer diagnosis, we YOU Docs have important news: Taking aspirin (see dose below) every day not only helps prevent various forms of cancer -- including those of the colon, brain, lung and pancreas -- but also slows the potential spread of cancer to other parts of the body (metastasis). Two major meta-studies found that low-dose aspirin reduces the incidence of colon and gastrointestinal cancers by almost 40 percent, and it reduces the risk of all cancers spreading by 35 percent to 40 percent.

This news comes after a close look at more than 100,000 people in a whole roster of studies and adds to the already good heart- and brain-health news (aspirin slashes the risk of heart attack and stroke) that has Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike taking 160 mg of aspirin every day -- always with a half a glass of warm water before and after to help protect against aspirin’s possible negative side effects, including stomach bleeding. That dose is half a standard 325-milligram aspirin. But remember: Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking a daily aspirin to see if it’s the smart move for you, and to find out what dose you should be taking.

Mehmet Oz, M.D. is host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” and Mike Roizen, M.D. is Chief Medical Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. For more information go to