Next Monday marks April Fool’s Day, which means all manner of pranks and hoaxes. Accordingly, Head2Head trivia is celebrating fools, from song titles and popular expressions, to beloved and silly characters from film and literature. Reigning champ, Claire Gibbons faces off with newcomer William Kyle Buchanan, health coach and wellness entrepreneur with Herbalife. And these two aren’t fooling around.


1. A person who behaves recklessly bold or rash is said to be _ .

2. This song had the Cardigans playing in heavy rotation thanks to a famous pool scene with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe from “Cruel Intentions.”

3. This character was Jafar’s foolish sidekick in “Aladdin.” He was a real bird brain.

4. This song had Deniece Williams begging love to stop making a fool out of her in the 1980s.

5. The scientific name for this mineral is pyrite. It is considered the most common of the sulfide minerals.

6. According to this 1940s song with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Rube Bloom, fools do this.

7. For all his foolishness, this jester was wiser than he seemed in this Shakespeare play where he offered the title character some sage advice.

8. The phrase “I pity the fool” was popularized by Laurence Tureaud, professional actor, television personality and pro wrestler. AKA ...

9. This describes what is tantamount to a wild goose chase.

10. The Doobie Brothers had a hit on their hands in 1979 with this song about a fool who tries to rekindle a romance that never was.


1. Foolhardy.

2. “Lovefool.”

3. Iago.

4. “Silly.”

5. Fool’s gold. 

6. Rush in.

7. “King Lear.”

8. Mr. T.

9. A fool’s errand.

10. “What a Fool Believes.”

Claire's answers

1. Foolhardy.

2. “Fools in Love.”

3. Iago.

4. “Let's Hear it for the Boy.”

5. Fool’s gold.

6. Fools rush in.

7. “Hamlet.”

8. Mr. T.

9. A fool’s errand.

10 “Foolish Heart.”

William's answers

1. Foolish.

2. Pass.

3. Zazu.

4. Pass.

5. Fool’s gold.

6. “Why do Fools Fall in Love.”

7. “Hamlet.”

8. Mr. T.

9. Pass.

10. Pass. 


It's a runaway victory for Claire Gibbons who remains the trivia champ for the sixth week in a row.