The end is nigh in this week’s Head2Head trivia. With the craze over Sandra Bullock’s latest film, "Bird Box," at its peak, we decided to revisit some of the most beloved apocalyptic movies in film history. We’ll be kicking off 2019 with bleak visions of the future with mother-daughter duo, Friends of the Library board member Katie Norris and her mother, Kathy Norris.


1. Adapted from a Cormac McCarthy novel, what 2009 film of the same name featured Viggo Mortensen on a long journey across the wilds of a post-apocalyptic America?

2. What 2011 Lars von Trier film featured Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg as sisters, one of whom prepares to get married as a rogue planet is on a collision course with Earth?

3. In what was a breakout role, Cillian Murphy’s character woke up from a coma in this 2002 thriller to find the world overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

4. This 1978 zombie horror classic was one in a six-part series that started with Night of the Living Dead. In it, survivors of a zombie outbreak barricade themselves in a suburban shopping mall.

5. This 1985 film, which features a cameo by none other than Tina Turner, was the third in a series of dystopian action films (and the last to star Mel Gibson).

6. Will you take the red pill or the blue pill? This dystopian flick poses a future where humans are living in a simulated reality, while their bodies are used as batteries.

7. This 1958 film shares the same name as the H.G. Wells novel on which it is based and the radio broadcast by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles, who brought it to startling life in 1938.

8. This 2008 film by M. Night Shyamalan shares its defining apocalyptic event with "Bird Box," but no one knows what’s happening.

9. This 1998 disaster movie had Aerosmith in heavy rotation with their hit song, "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing." Incidentally, the film featured Steven Tyler’s daughter.

10. Don Draper takes his son to see this 1968 classic in an episode of Mad Men. The film features one of the most iconic scenes in 1960s cinema when, in the film’s finale, the main character approaches the ruins of the Statue of Liberty.

Katie's Answers

1. The Road

2. Memento

3. Sean of the Dead (I know that’s not the answer, but shout out to Sean of the Dead)

4. House of a Thousand Corpses

5. Mad Max

6. The Matrix

7. The War of the Worlds

8. The Village

9. Apocalypse

10. Pass

Kathy's answers:

1. Pass

2. 2011? I would have just moved to Charleston and wouldn’t have been going to the movies.

3. Never seen anything like that. Not the kind of movie I would go see.

4. The Walking Dead

5. Brave Heart

6. 1984

7. Pass

8. Pass

9. Armageddon

10. Pass


Katie Norris takes the lead in the first Head2Head trivia of 2019 with four correct answers. We’ll see if she can hold the top spot next week. Here’s to a bright new year!

Correct answers:

1. The Road

2. Melancholia

3. 28 Days Later

4. Dawn of the Dead

5. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

6. The Matrix

7. The War of the Worlds

8. The Happening

9. Armageddon

10. Planet of the Apes