COLUMBIA — Gov. Nikki Haley signed into law Tuesday a new mandate that requires lawmakers to vote on the record more often, a move that could be the greatest victory of her first 100 days in office and the governor's hallmark campaign issue.

Haley, a Republican, was joined by lawmakers and grassroots activists for the Statehouse ceremony that her office characterized as "historic." The law is called the "Spending Accountability Act of 2011."

Calling on lawmakers to take more roll call votes is the transparency issue that put Haley on the political map.

The new law that took effect with her signature requires:

• The yeas and nays of a vote must be recorded by name in the House and Senate journals, which are available online at

• The state's budget must be voted on section-by-section in each chamber and receive a recorded roll call vote.

• A bill or joint resolution must receive a recorded roll call vote by the House and the Senate for certain stages of passage, including the adoption of a conference report, amendments and key approval.