Gyroplane crashes in pond at Ravens Run

A small gyroplane upside-down in a pond at Raven's Run.

A pilot and his passenger escaped with only minor injury after a gyroplane crash in Ravens Run.

The 2007 Xenon RST Gyroplane crashed this afternoon at a pond in the private, gated community at 1453 Omni Blvd. in Mount Pleasant

There is a 2,400 foot grass strip runway there, and the pond is 50-75 yards beyond the end of the runway.

Barry Himmelstein was the passenger in the craft. He is visiting from San Francisco.

"I'm fine; there's not a scratch on me," he said. "I didn't even have time to be scared."

Himmelstein said the aircraft just dropped down into the water and both he and the pilot were able to escape before it overturned. He estimated they swam about 15 feet to shore.

He said the pilot, who didn't want to be interviewed, had a hurt hand, but otherwise they were fine. Neither of them was taken to a hospital.

The plane, with tail number N4462J, is registered to Charlotte-based SRJ Aviation, Inc., according to information from the Web site. It is registered with the FAA as an experimental aircraft. It is a single-engine, two-seater made by Celier Aviation.

The aircraft is upside-down in the pond. FAA investigators are expected to arrive around 5 p.m. Containment buoys have been placed in the pond for any potential fuel leaks.

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