The Post and Courier will launch a modern news operation in Greenville, S.C., later this summer and will hire and station reporters and editors in the area to cover news as it occurs - direct from the source. At a time when newspapers across the country are scaling back, The Post and Courier will expand to provide the kind of quality news and information the Greenville community deserves.

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"Greenville is among the top economic engines for state of South Carolina, the news we bring forward from a business standpoint driving that economic engine is of value to the people of Greenville and beyond," according to President and Publisher P.J. Browning. 

Pierre Manigault Chairman of the Board of Directors for Evening Post Industries, the parent company of The Post and Courier, said, "This is not about money; this is about going out and serving the whole state with good journalism."

Evening Post Industries CEO John Barnwell said, "Moving to other parts of South Carolina is a natural progression for us, moving across the entire state makes perfect sense. We have an excellent brand and having the ability to create content that is locally sourced in each of the areas we serve is going to be well received, particularly as we feel like we have a better product than anyone else does."

The Post and Courier is a family owned newspaper founded in 1803, the oldest in South Carolina and the second oldest in the U.S. With 82 journalists and photojournalists on staff, they remain the largest news organization in the state. In 2015, they were awarded their second Pulitzer Prize. The paper has been a Pulitzer finalist five times.

"Our newspaper's mission has always been to build and become part of the fabric of the communities we serve,” said Post and Courier President and Publisher P.J. Browning. “Our expansion will provide relevant award-winning content that is engaging and impactful with a fresh, eager approach to the Greenville region."

The Post and Courier is owned and operated by Evening Post Industries, Inc. (EPI), a family-owned corporation headquartered in Charleston, S.C. They operate in a variety of industries, including media, real estate, hospice care, and pharmaceutical sales. In keeping with its proud history, EPI is dedicated to serving its customers, employees, and communities with unconditional integrity, and promises to deliver the highest standards of service in every capacity it operates.