Couple with mounting medical bills needs healthy food for the holidays

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Margaret and her husband Matthew have been married for more than 35 years. Margaret suffers from kidney failure and has to have dialysis four times a week. Matthew had to retire from his job so he could drive Margaret to her dialysis treatments every week.

Now, with the mounting medical bills, they do not have enough money to buy the healthy food that Margaret needs.

Matthew worries about Margaret’s health all the time and wants nothing more this holiday season than to have enough nutritious food for her to eat so she feels better and can spend time with their children and grandchildren. By donating to the Good Cheer Fund, you can help the Lowcountry Food Bank make the holidays brighter for Margaret and Matthew.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The seven charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Coastal Catholic Charities, the Carolina Youth Development Center and the Charleston Leadership Foundation. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

There is still time to give this year. Donations received by noon Dec. 23 will be listed in the paper on Christmas Day. Contributions received by noon Dec. 30 will be included in the final 2019 accounting on New Year’s Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2020 Good Cheer Fund.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, ℅ The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at


Tisdale, Smalls, Pettigrew and Robinson families 170.00

In honor of our children and grandchildren from Jesse and Angie Dorsey 100.00

In honor of Melissa Ellen Harrison and Michael Richard Harrison from James Shannon Hurley 15.00

In honor of ARB 200.00

In honor of Mary Stroble 200.00

Elizabeth and Gregory Warr 25.00

Bonum and Janet Wilson 200.00

In honor of our 4 wonderful grandchildren Leanna, Brady, Dylan and Chris, we wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year 100.00

Men's Bible Study of Charleston Presbyterian 100.00

Jane Wills 5,000.00

In honor of Ellie, Anne Collins, Banks and Georgia 200.00

Jim and Martha Ferrell 500.00

Kirk and Farzaneh Stone 100.00

In honor of our Godson Kevin Buckheister given by Anne and Rusty Patterson 50.00

In honor of our grandchildren Russell, Elly, Taylor and Tucker given by Anne and Rusty Patterson 50.00

Grandchildren blessings Christopher, Hannah, Rhett, Connor, Logan, Peyton and Bailey 50.00

Katherine Rambo 1,000.00

James Thiesing 500.00

Gift from Jaye and Steve Broome 50.00

MW3 Group 100.00

In honor of Elwood and Lou Housand 100.00

Kit and Ken Coker 100.00

Francis Marion Hotel 1,000.00

A. Hoyt and Mary Rowell 250.00

Wayne Gregory 35.00

Ralph and Deb 500.00

A.E. Roberts III 50.00

Ann Rhett 40.00

Harold Isgett 50.00

Joyce Morris 50.00

Quis Qui Club 85.00

Martha Teichner 100.00

In honor of Mayes and Henry 100.00

Gary and Val Williams 100.00

Anonymous 50.00

Robert and Constance Murphy 200.00

Drayton on the Ashley Garden Club 500.00










Sharon and William Lynch 100.00

Roger and Lois Byrd 100.00

Cynthia Deaton (local) 50.00


In memory and in honor of all past, present and future New Street residents 1,110.00

John H. Price Sr. 25.00

Frank B. Gilbreth 500.00

Mary M. Gilbreth 500.00

Mary H. Manigault 500.00

Edward Manigault 500.00

Rick Reed, M.D. 100.00

My beloved wife and best friend Diane Wall 100.00

Ronnie Rigsbee Jr., Bubba Driggers and Austin Moody 100.00

FLP, HRP, NLB, MSB and TPB 200.00

HS, ACS, HS Jr. and FMS 200.00

FBG Jr. and MMG 200.00

Jeanne deSaussure Smith 200.00

Bear and Mabry 50.00

Monsignor Joseph Francis Hanley, Martha Jane Toole Harrison, Father Leon Joseph Hubacz, Mary Catherine Theresa Bean Hurley, Mr. James Joseph Hurley, Catherine Hurley Padgett Johnson, Nellie Martina Agnes McManus, Mr. Frederick Bohlinger Sharp, Virgie Mae Padgett Sharp, Bishop David Bernard Thompson, Bishop Ernest Leo Unterkoefler and Miss Jon Stephanie Zagar from James Shannon Hurley 15.00

Glenda Walker and Grace Walker 150.00

Esther Perreault 100.00

In loving memory of my beloved husband Jack Mulleady from Connie 100.00

Joan and Tanny Budds 50.00

Bob Bissey 50.00

Ben Burris 50.00

Most Rev. David B. Thompson 50.00

Wiece 100.00

Bob McDowell from The Friday Thumpers 300.00

Buddy Donald, Lewis Pickens, Jim Woods, Al Johnston, Frank O’Brien, Bill Wheeler, Bobby Varn, Harold Leamond, Warren Lear, Ray Soubeyroux, Red Wood, Bill Kanapaux, Bill Kulseth, Gordon Brock and George Bowers 100.00

Louise and Walter Kruger Sr., Walter Kruger Jr., Lawrence and Mary Kruger, Steve Kruger, Victor and Peggy Salvo, Bob and Ursula Kaiser, Amanda Kaiser, Patrick Clarkin, Lorraine and Kathy Leitch, Larry Burmester, Maqurite Scott and Jimmy Burmester 100.00

Former DHEC team members: Mike Murphy, Steve Calk and Dr. Joe Chambers 100.00

Statia Len Branch 100.00

Gonzales S. Waddy 100.00

Edward G. and Jennie L. Gibson 50.00

Edward M. Gibson Sr. and Emily G. Jackson 50.00

Whitney Simmons 100.00

Jerry Spencer and Davy Spencer 75.00

A.P. and Catherine 100.00

Frank, Peggy and Horace Wheeler, Bill Wheeler and Bill Stevenson, miss you all from Sue O'Brien 100.00

My wife Corrie and our son Billy 100.00

Chuck Lemmons given by anonymous 100.00

Dr. Richard Brock from Judy Brock 150.00

"Dog - Dog" 250.00

Dick Vashina 100.00

Brooke Niznik 100.00

Our loved ones who have gone before us from Dicky and Beth 100.00

Betsy Parker 100.00

In loving memory of Vince, Mary, Darrel and Jeff Adams 1,000.00

Robert Spann Cathcart III, M.D., by Amelia P. Cathcart 100.00

Bill and Kay McDonald 25.00

Lindsey Q 100.00

WCS love J, D and C 50.00

Melissa Hallman from Granny and PaPa 25.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $22,395.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $165,840.45

YEAR TO DATE $188,235.45

LAST YEAR TO DATE $218,550.63

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