At age 84, Arthur never thought that he would have to choose between paying for electricity or paying for food. He lives alone and struggles to make ends meet because of his fixed income, like too many seniors in our community.

Because of medical issues including arthritis and high blood pressure, Arthur has a hard time getting around and receives meals delivered to his home.

Arthur is incredibly grateful for the support he receives but misses being able to eat a special meal at the holidays. Your donation to the Good Cheer Fund can held the Lowcountry Food Bank make a difference in the life of a senior like Arthur.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The seven charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Coastal Catholic Charities, the Carolina Youth Development Center and the Charleston Leadership Foundation. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, ℅ The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at


In honor of my mother, Suzanne R. Cross 50.00

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In honor of the birthday of our boss, Dr. Brooke Bode, with admiration from your staff 100.00

In honor of my 103-year-old mother, Constance C. Keve, also a grandmother and great-grandmother, now in hospice care 200.00

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"2307 I'on Ave., Sullivan's Island" 250.00

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Thomas H. Randall and Charles C. Cross 50.00

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My best friend, John Hudspeth, from Johnny 100.00

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Our friend, Marsha Gross Browder from the WaWa's 50.00

My precious husband, Timothy Paul Austin 100.00

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Our friend, Coty Guerry 100.00

Katherine F. Vorona 250.00

Sons Art and Blair 200.00

Deborah Christian and Alex Frank from AC 100.00

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My loving husband, Joseph F. Mole Jr. from Annette 100.00

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