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Roxie learns about voting

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Rev. Jim Watkins and Roxie

"Hi Jim, I guess you are getting ready to vote."

"I am Roxie and I urge all our readers to do the same. Since SC is an early voting state, I bet some already have."

"What about those humans who say its too much trouble to vote, particularly in the midst of the pandemic?"

"I'd tell them a story."

"Oh No! Here comes another sermon!"

"Bear with me. The Carter Center was in our Congressional District. We referred to it as State Department South. One of the activities of the Center was monitoring elections all over the world. President Carter invited Ben, the Representative I worked with, to be part of a team monitoring elections in Nicaragua. That Central American country was about to have its first democratic elections in a long time. A ceasefire had been called between warring factions."

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"Ben's assignment was a town on the far side of the country, away from the capitol, away from most urban areas. The quickest way to get there was by military helicopter. Military hardware was taken off. Ballot boxes were loaded on. The Choppers took off. The flight followed a river. Mountains were on either side. It was hoped that everyone had gotten the word about the ceasefire.

The town was built around a large square. It was surprising not to see any people. Had a mistake been made? Is this the right place?

The choppers landed and the ballot boxes were unloaded. Suddenly people appeared from everywhere. They came from the buildings. They came running doen the surroundings hillsides and out of the forests. Soon hundreds of people filled the square, ready to vote.

Whenever I hear complaints about voting. I think about that town."

“Jim, why don’t we toast all the voters wherever they are?”

“Great idea Roxie!”

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