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Rev. Brad Morris column: Einstein's time travel theory

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Rev. Brad Morris

My wife and I were discussing Time Travel the other night because of a series of videos we had watched earlier. Much of what the author of the videos had said made a lot of sense and was things I had heard and studied about the end of times for years. She did have some new things and what I really enjoyed was how she tied today’s events together with the End Times. The series can be found on under “The Fall of the Cabal: End of the World.” The author of this video is Janet Ossebaard. It is entertaining at the least. As I said there are some things as a pastor I do not accept, one of which was what she had to say about Time Travel which is what got me to thinking about this column. The video has 10 parts. The whole series is a little over 2.5 hours long. If you watch it, be your own judge. Be forewarned, children should not watch it. This column is not about this video, but the idea of Time Travel.

I remember seeing an interesting article in the news several years back. In it they said that Albert Einstein was smarter than people had originally thought. With all due respect to the news person who reported that information, this was a no brainer. Einstein was probably the most intelligent human being to have lived in recent history if not in all of time. Scientists today are just beginning to understand some of his scientific theories and his “theoretical discoveries.” Put another way, their collective intelligence is gaining ground on what he did as an individual.

The point of all the above is that this reporter was referring to Einstein’s theory on the space-time continuum as it relates to time travel. In laymen’s terms think of the movie “Back to the Future” series. Now, please understand as I have said before, I am not a scientist, and most assuredly am not anywhere near being on a par with Einstein. This clarification is only for those who do not know me. Those who do know me are wondering why I had to clarify that, it is also a no brainer. Ha!

Time travel. It’s the stuff of Scifi, Star Trek and Isaac Asimov. This reporter had said that they now have proof to Einstein’s theory on time. Einstein basically said that as time, space and matter are sucked into a “Black Hole” in space; they spin rapidly as in water going down a drain. But, that as they approach the final entrance to the Black Hole, time begins to warp and slow down and finally reverses the direction of its travel, as does everything else that is being sucked into it.

Scientists now know this to be a fact and not a theory, because of a satellite that has sent pictures back from deep space near a Black Hole. The photos being sent back had frames of pictures that were slowed down when they were sent back as the satellite neared the Black Hole. The scientists say that they are excited over the proof of this theory because many of them had spent their life’s work based on Einstein’s theory. This of course implied that these scientists might be more than just a little put out if they were to discover that their life’s work had been based on a theory that proved out to be nonsense.

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Now, I, though not a scientist, can understand these poor enlightened scientists’s plight. It would be a terrible thing to have lived your whole life dedicated to something only to find out that you were wrong. They have written reams and reams of paper and innumerable books on the subject. They’ve taught classes and given special lectures all on this theory and its truth, though unproven, until now. My question is this, “Is it proven now, or are these scientists still grabbing at straws?”

Now, if my understanding of what constitutes a “Black Hole” in space is correct, which is that it is called a Black Hole because nothing can escape from its grasp, not even light, thus the name, “Black Hole,” then maybe those scientists are still without their proof. If indeed this satellite were approaching a Black Hole, would not it and its pictures and radio signals that are being sent out all be sucked in, so that these scientists would not even receive any data whatsoever? Could not the slowing down of the frames of pictures have to do with something simple, like the camera batteries are running down? My camera here on earth, far away from any Black Hole, does that. Or maybe the equipment is malfunctioning, or possibly freezing up. I understand that deep space is much colder than a deep freezer. Maybe these scientists are grabbing at straws, maybe not.

It is a serious thing to stake your reputation on something that eventually turns out to be false. Forget the space-time scientists, many of us “down to earth” people do just that. Many live their lives in the “sure knowledge” that there is no God, or if there is, that there surely is no Hell. To stake your reputation on something that turns out to be false is one thing, but to stake your life on something that is false is much worse. The scientists are at least attempting to prove their theory in hopes of saving their life’s work and personal reputation as scientists.

My last question is to you dear reader, “What are you doing to validate your beliefs and save your own life?” Scientists are looking to space for their answer. Shouldn’t you be looking in God’s Word, The Bible and a good Bible believing church for yours? In these times in which we are presently living, don’t just go to a church and assume it is right in what it teaches. Test it and prove it by what the Word of God says. Go to a house of worship this weekend, you just might find God there waiting on you.

Brad Morris, a retired minister, originally from Georgetown, served as a pastor and then as a missionary in Costa Rica and Ecuador, can be reached at He has been in ministry for 50 years and a columnist for 17 years, 13 of which have been for the Times.

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