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Letter: Andrews residents deserve better on property crime

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I have lived in Andrews since the late 1970s and my personal property has been stolen nine times.

Most of the items were stolen in the last 10-15 years. Last week, a propane tank was stolen from my back porch. The estimate of all items is on the order of $200 to $300.

Only once did the police recover the goods. I have to talked to other Andrews residents and more than 75% said that personal property had been stolen from them.

Either the crooks are getting smarter or the Andrews police are not doing their job. The taxpaying residents deserve more — they work for us.

Who pays for the replacement of the stolen goods? Who replaces the tools, trailers and other items? Who pays for the added expense for security to be able to keep their property? We do.

Andrews is getting a reputation as a free supply center for crooks looking for items they can profit from. Andrews is a good town and the residents need to be proactive and take the town back by “see something, say something.”

Henry Paul is a resident of Andrews.

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