By Tommy Howard

Aynor 32

Waccamaw 29

Homecoming is a time for any high school to celebrate, and the Waccamaw Warriors did that Friday night in a lot of ways.

They just didn't celebrate a football win.

It wasn't for lack of trying, though.

Waccamaw's Jalen Simmons scored a touchdown in the first 50 seconds of the game on a 68-yard run. A two-point conversion was successful and the score was 8-0 over Aynor.

The Blue Jackets came back with their own touchdown on a 39-yard run by Devante Kinlaw, but the run failed.

In the second quarter, Kinlaw took Aynor ahead on a 4-yard run, but the point-after kick failed.

Waccamaw scored on a 32-yard pass and a PAT was good.

So, the half-time score was 15-12 in favor of Waccamaw.

The Warriors, Lady Warriors, Homecoming Court and fans all felt pretty good with the lead.

After announcing the Homecoming Queen and King, presenting rings to the girls' soccer team for their state championship and other festivities, the football game resumed.

Second half

Aynor started off with a 45-yard touchdown pass from Peyton Hill to Hunter Windham.

That was followed a little later by a 7-yard TD run by Windham. On both plays William Carroll kicked an extra point, moving Aynor to 26 points.

Waccamaw came back with a 56-yard run and a successful two-point conversion. Then, the Warriors got another touchdown on a 31-yard pass and PAT kick.

That four-touchdown quarter ended with the score Waccamaw 29, Aynor 26.

But, of course, the game didn't end there.

Aynor got on the board one more time in the fourth quarter with a 23-yard touchdown run by Kinlaw. The kick was blocked.

Waccamaw came close on its final possession, but wasn't able to score at all in the fourth quarter. Aynor intercepted with 24 seconds left on the clock and let it run down.

The final was Aynor 32, Waccamaw 29.

Exciting game

"We have these games sometimes," coach Tyronne Davis said.

"It was probably one of the most painful, especially for our seniors.

"We had some opportunities but didn't make them."

"Coach [Jody] Jenerette did a good job with his program and we weren't able to stop them tonight."

"For the fans it was exciting," Davis said. "It was different for the players and the coaches."

Two of the outstanding players were Nick Davis, who had a wonderful game, and Alex Burdette who had a good reception at the end zone.

A pitch at the end of the game "got us to about the 30-yard line."

The defense made a big play at the end of the game, Davis said. "But, [Aynor] was just able to make plays when they really needed to."

Waccamaw will play at Marion on Friday.

"They are very good in the region," Davis said.

"We've got to play to the end."

"Our kids are tough, and we will get ready to play next week."