Butts rescinds letter of intent to run as write-in candidate in next week's election

Sheldon Butts


On Thursday, Georgetown city council member Sheldon A. Butts announced that he has rescinded his letter of intent to run as a write-in candidate for city council in next week’s general election.

He shared the following letter with the Georgetown Times/South Strand News:

"The Democracy under we live in the United States of America is not perfect. There are things which are right for most and there are things which are wrong for some but, it is still our Democracy. In keeping with our Democracy and Code of Laws, I (Sheldon A. Butts) am rescinding my letter of intent, to run as a write in candidate for the November 5 2019, city council election. Per 2013 South Carolina Code of Law, Title –Elections, Chapter 11-Designation and Nomination of Candidates, Section 7-11-210-Notice of Candidacy Pledge. If I were to continue with this method the local Democratic Party would have to enter an injunction against my campaign. I do not desire for Georgetown and others involved (including myself) to go through such a tedious process as we continue to move forward as a city.

This does not preclude anyone else who wants to lead a candidacy for the write-in for Sheldon Butts and this still does not preclude anyone for writing in and voting for Sheldon Butts.

Sheldon A. Butts


City of Georgetown

South Carolina


Butts was elected to council back in 2015 but lost during this year’s Democratic Primary, coming in fourth place behind incumbent Al Joseph by 12 votes.

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