SFAC needs help distributing food in the community

St. Frances Animal Center

The Saint Frances Animal Center will help assist pet owners during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

SFAC will be distributing pet food to self-quarantined families in need of assistance. Thanks to the donations of countless individuals, SFAC has been able to deliver food to a dozen residents in Georgetown County who have been affected by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even though we are struggling to care for our shelter pets due to a dramatic decrease in donations, we know that others in our community need help due to self-quarantine requirements. We want to make sure no family worries about how to feed their beloved pet during this unprecedented crisis,” Executive Director Niki Dawson said.

Volunteer Coordinator Regina Paschal shared a story about how one woman was helped by the facility. 

“I spoke with a woman who’s elderly mom is very ill. She cannot leave her house due to potential exposure. She cried tears of relief when she found out that we would provide food for her cats,” Paschal said.

Dawson added that they are happy to provide with any family pets needs.

“We are grateful to work with generous supporters who are helping us help our community. Across our county, people are turning to their pets for comfort, and with our food bank, we are committed to helping animals return that love and comfort back to their families by working to ensure their pets’ needs are met as we weather this crisis together.”

SFAC is asking the community to continue its ongoing support of the shelter during this critical time. The shelter needs donations of cat, dog, and pocket pet food donations which can be delivered to the facility at 125 North Ridge St. in Georgetown. Volunteers are also available to pick up donations depending on the location. In addition, the shelter is seeking temporary homes for its animals.

“Due to the closure of the facility to the public and volunteers, we are seeking emergency foster placement for shelter pets to reduce the workload for the staff”, said Dawson. “We’ve never needed the community more than we do right now. Please consider quarantining with one of our Saints”

SFAC is here to help during this unprecedented crisis.  Follow these tips to make an emergency plan for your pets:

 Temporary Care:

Ask a friend, neighbor or family member to care for your pets if someone in your household becomes ill and/or is hospitalized.  Consider researching boarding facilities.  Remember, these may close if considered non-essential businesses. 


Be sure to keep your pet’s microchip registration up to date with current contact information.  Always keep collars on your pet with tags that have current phone numbers.  Have a picture of your pet printed out and kept with your pets medical records.

Emergency kits (one for each pet)

  • Two-week supply of food and water Store in a water-tight container. Rotate food and water every three months to keep fresh. 
  • Food and water bowl
  • Can opener
  • One crate or temporary housing space per pet
  • Medication with doses and directions
  • Veterinary medical records (screenshot these using your cell phone)
  • Carrier or leash for each pet
  • Litter and litter box for cats
  • Comfort items
  • Cleaning items for pet (paper towels, scoop for litter box, cleaning spray)
  • Pet first aid kit

For more information on the SFAC’s efforts to help at-risk animals, please visit www.sfanimals.org.

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