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Pawleys Town Council develops strategic plan

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Putting together a strategic plan can be a daunting task. That’s true for small groups and for Fortune 500 companies alike.

On Saturday, June 13 Pawleys Island Town Council spent the day in lengthy conversations about the vision for the coastal community and the plan to work towards achieving that vision.

After seven hours in discussions, the Vision Statement reads:

“To be a family friendly beach community that maintains its character, honors its traditions and historical significance, and preserves its beach, creek and other natural resources.”

Gerry Wexelbaum of Cashiers, N.C. and Boca Raton, Fla. moderated the session, along with Georgetown native George Raftelis. Wexelbaum is founder and president of Strategy Support Associates. Raftelis lives in the Charlotte area now and is also a homeowner at Pawleys Island. He is founder and Chair Emeritus of Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc.

Mayor Brian Henry had proposed the strategic planning session earlier in the year, and then COVID-19 happened. The pandemic and isolation practices delayed having the strategic planning session, but it’s now done.

Leading up to Saturday’s session was a series of online and telephone interviews with property owners for Pawleys Island and members of Town Council.

Wexelbaum reviewed the results of the surveys Friday night with Henry, Council members Rocky Holliday, Sarah Zimmerman, Ashley Carter and Guerry Green, along with Town Administrator Ryan Fabbri and Police Chief Mike Fanning. The session on Saturday was held at Health Information Associates in mainland Pawleys Island.

For the strategic plan itself, Wexelbaum wrote on flip chart pages four items that Town Council agreed upon. He said he would review the text and send the suggested official statements to Council members.

1. Maintain the Beach

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To plan and fund continual efforts to maintain a health and family friendly beach.

2. Creek Flooding and Roads

To Develop and implement a plan to reduce creek and road flooding and improve drainage.

3. Creek Silting

Improve the health of the creek and to improve the navigability of the creek.

4. Funding

Evaluate current and ongoing financial position and available financial resources. Define capital and operational needs annually and in total. Create a plan for Island Preservation funding.

That funding could include several means of achieving long-term funding. Components could be assessments, donations, additional resources such as business licenses or parking fees, and a bond issue for capital projects.

None of these items have been developed into a Town ordinance. The above wording is a draft and Wexelbaum will submit suggested statements to Council members soon.

The Georgetown Times / South Strand News will have more on the strategic planning session in an upcoming issue.

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