South Carolina legislators have adopted more than 50 official designations. The following lists them by year: 

Songs: "Carolina," 1911, and "South Carolina On My Mind," 1984

Flower: Yellow jasmine, 1924

Tree: South Carolina palmetto, 1939

Bird: Carolina wren, 1948

Salute to the flag: "I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith." 1966

Stone: Blue granite, 1969

Gem stone: Amethyst, 1969

Animal: Whitetail deer, 1972

Fish: Striped bass, 1972

Wild game bird: Wild turkey, 1976

Beverage: Milk, 1984

Dance: The shag, 1984

Fruit: Peach, 1984

Shell: Lettered olive, 1984

Dog: Boykin Spaniel, 1985

Insect: Carolina Mantid, known as the praying mantis, 1988

Reptile: Loggerhead sea turtle, 1988

Botanical garden: Botanical garden at Clemson University, 1992

American folk dance: Square dance, 1994

Butterfly: Eastern tiger swallowtail, 1994

Hospitality beverage: Sweet tea, 1995

Railroad museum: Railroad Museum in Fairfield County, 1997

Amphibian: Spotted salamander, 1999

Music: Spiritual, 1999

Folk art and crafts center: South Carolina Artisans Center in Walterboro, 2000

Spider: Carolina wolf spider, 2000

Tapestry: "From the Mountains to the Sea" tapestry authorized by the S.C. Cotton Museum, 2000

Waltz: "Richardson Waltz," 2000

Grass: Indian grass, 2001

Hall of fame: S.C. Hall of Fame in Myrtle Beach, 2001

Military academy: Camden Military Academy, 2001

Opera: "Porgy and Bess," 2001

Popular music: Beach music, 2001

Rural drama theater: Abbeville Opera House, 2001

Tartan: Carolina tartan, 2002

Poet Laureate: Marjory Wentworth of Sullivans Island, 2003

Wildflower: Goldenrod, 2003

Tobacco museum: S.C. Tobacco Museum in Mullins, 2004

Lowcountry handcraft: Sweetgrass basket, 2006

Snack: Boiled peanuts, 2006

Color: Indigo blue, 2008

Duck: Wood duck, 2009

Home of the Beach Music Hall of Fame: Coastal Carolina University, 2009

Marine mammal: Bottlenose dolphin, 2009

Migratory marine mammal: Northern right whale, 2009

Heritage horse: v, 2010

Heritage work horse: Mule, 2010

Vegetable: Collard green, 2011

Pecan festival: S.C. Pecan Festival in Florence, 2011

Emblem of service and sacrifice: Honor and Remember Flag, 2012

Picnic cuisine: Barbecue, 2014

Fossil: Columbian mammoth, 2014 

Source: S.C. Legislative Manual

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