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Rant and Rave: Zuckerberg, the pursuit of spicing up your life and hot dogs

Spoil your tastebuds with our wonderful range of spices

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Seasonings of the week: Elote blend (Mexico) and Ajika (Georgia, the nation). Sold to me by smiling people wearing Hawaiian shirts. Go ahead, spice up your life.

Anyone else extremely tired of Zuckerberg?

I gave up on the Atlanta MLB team when they made some moves that showed a preference for real estate over people. Now that the former President has used them as yet another outlet for his bigotry, I know I made the right decision.

Let’s be clear, Daniel Rickenmann isn’t saying he’ll “fund the police” because he wants to increase the public safety budget. The only reason someone would say something that clunky and weird is because they are blowing as hard as they can into a dog whistle. If that is where his instincts lead him in politics he is not fit to lead the people of Columbia. Give it a try somewhere else Dan. Signed, Bones.

The journalistic standards have sunk so low in Columbia WIS hired morning news anchors who say "coupe" instead of "coup" and "ax" instead of ask. Only Dawndy and Judy know who Bob Coble is.

Before the November 4th issue of Rant & Rave, I’ll be having a heart surgery procedure. It bothers me greatly that, if I should die, that my family members’ future welfare is left in the hands of politicians, State and Federal, who prefer to serve the needs of a false God residing in Florida than the needs of our nation and American families! May the real God in Heaven continue to bless America!

When Trump left Washington, he packed up jars that contained the balls of every male Republican Senator and Congressman now serving in Washington!

For the grown child of a president to publicly mock an accidental gun death of a human being is really sickening. But, we know where the child got his values from, it really shows.

My kind has been persecuted, shunned and hated since the beginning of time. We were born this way. They tried to change us. We were shamed and ashamed. We tried to hide it. The French called us gauche; the Italians, sinistra. But we are like other folk. And we have moments of brilliance. DaVinci, RBG, Napoleon, Lady Gaga, Benjamin Franklin, Obama, Gandhi, Marie Curie, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Twain, Chopin... We are LEFT-handers. We are proud. And We are... amongst you!

Shout out to the construction worker working at the post office on Assembly street who wears an absurdly large sombrero every day. #fashionicon 

Looking through the latest Free Times, I noticed that just about everyone not being fired or arrested has a big grin on their face. How did this become the way to present yourself? People in photos from around 1900 never smiled for the camera. Take, for example, a photo of the Teddy Roosevelt family in front of the White House - the whole family is scowling. Bully for them! The Gibson Girl, the idealized woman c. 1900, never has even a smile cross her face. Say "cheese?" Not me.

Listen up people. Don’t eat food! There’s nearly 50 million cases of food poisoning every year with 3,000 deaths. Don’t ride in cars! Auto accidents killed almost 40,000 people last year and disabled ten times that many. And by all means don’t climb! 17,000 people died from falls last year. See how silly that sounds, anti-vaxxers? And don’t forget the 739,009+ Americans who have died from Covid-19.

To the Columbia Yeah Guy. You must be new to Columbia, because for the past forty years there has always been a Saturday home USC football game when the fair is in town! Some might say it is a tradition. For myself, I always enjoyed going to the fair before, and after the game, eating a couple of Pronto Pups. Yeah the traffic sucks, but it is only one day of the year.

Time spent in the U.S. Army provided the best education of my life.

If McMaster reminds you of Foghorn Leghorn, who does stumbling bumbling Joe Biden remind you of? I say Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter, except Walter is coherent, and can put more than one sentence together! Let me ask you how do you like Biden’s much higher gas prices, run-away inflation, shelves being empty, thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border, or trying to pass a $3,000,000,000 spending bill by saying it won’t cost Americans anything! Does Biden really believe we’re that f-ing dumb! Frosty

You didn’t have a problem with police officers or nurses working on the front lines, before there was a vaccine! Most of the police officers and nurses have had the Covid virus, so there is no need to get the vaccine. Once you’ve had the virus, you’re own body’s immunity is much stronger, and protects you better than any vaccine!

I was just in Miami, and saw them building big beautiful towers, I doubt developers would be spending that kind of money, if they thought it would be underwater! Also explain to me why Ex-President Barak Obama dropped $12,000,000 on an island home 300 feet from the beach?

So basically Richland Lexington 5 lost an award winning, intelligent, hard-working superintendent because of silly anti-maskers. Gees! If you're gonna protest something, please make it something MEANINGFUL and not a small piece of cloth (which could be a fashion statement BTW). The sacrifices both my parents made in WWII were HUGE compared to wearing a little mask for this short time period. This complaining & protesting about masks sure makes us sound like the spoiled Americans we are.

An article in Slate tells the sad tale of hiring managers getting ghosted by qualified job candidates. They say people aren’t returning calls, showing up for interviews, and other disrespectful behaviors. Perhaps the callousness with which companies have historically treated employee prospects and employees is finally coming home to roost. Sux to be disrespected, doesn’t it?

To all you anti science twits who believe your “rights” are more important than the future of humanity and the planet on which it sits: Why are you so obsessed with abortion? Your selfishness is destroying the future of the children already here. Why torture more humans?

I would print this on front page if I could...a HUGE RAVE for ALL SOUTH CAROLINA STATE FAIR STAFF and NORTH AMERICAN MIDWAY ENTERTAINMENT for an outstanding Fair this year....thank y'all very much...if, heaven forbid, I die cause I went to the Fair this year, at least I'll die was year's fair runs October 12-23...only 353 days left.

I may not be the smartest person, or the richest or the best educated, but I do like hotdogs.

Dawn Staley, congratulations on your huge raise. You're a great University of South Carolina employee. I think great USC professors should be getting $1,000,000+ wages, too.

What does a nut say when it sneezes. Ashew!

As you know, this is a super duper rave for good psychology teachers, super duper rave for good psychology teachers. And Freudian would say that that bullet was left and Alex Baldwin's starting gun on purpose. A Freudian would say that bullet was left in there on purpose. And wasn't there just a labor dispute in Hollywood? And isn't that the kind of stuff that happens in a labor dispute? Thank you.

Why did the little boy bring a ladder to school? He wanted to go to high school.

Yes, my rant and rave is about Columbia City Councilman Daniel Rickenmann, who said if he's elected mayor he would push for better police body cameras and technology for the city. That's not what we need. We need for our communities to be better serviced. In the Ridgewood area off of North Main, the trees are coping over each other over streets and roads, ditches and dams are filled with weeds that need to be done and re-modeled in that area.

So I reported for the last four weeks, that people in South Carolina are getting barraged including myself with phone calls from what they say they are Amazon. And they say that a transaction has been done. Today, October 27, they said that a $1,750 transaction was being conducted. If I agree hang up, if I don't press one. This is from an 803 area code.

Our son was thinking about becoming a vegetarian. We said "lettuce tell you the pros and cons and have a meat-ing before you make your decision." Yeah.

Hey, this is a rant about all the commercials that are louder, like 25% louder than the TV show you're watching. Or the sports you're watching when the commercial comes on. You have to mute it. Really?

I strongly recommend stop talking to willfully ignorant, you cannot fix stupid.

With Christmas coming up, my grandson loves Legos. Leggo my Eggo Lego! Yeah!

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