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Rant and Rave: Would James Smith have given you $50?

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James Smith 2018 2

Former state Rep. James Smith

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Hey, I just got a $50 check in the mail from Henry McMaster, paying back the lottery winnings that were sent to us. If James Smith had been elected, do you think taxpayers would have gotten any money back? I don’t think so.

Don’t call me and my kind “never Trumpers,” call us “no longer Trumpers.”

The healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency had an unscheduled trip to the hospital. Maybe those darn bone spurs are making a comeback at a time when hugging the flag is no longer enough.

Are comments strictly confidential? Sender cannot be revealed?

I am 63 years old. I have been a Gamecock football fan all my life. Where can I go to get the help I so desperately need?

Maybe a general at the helm of our flagship can make administrators walk the plank that abandoned due process, accountability and excellence while chanting their battle cry: “No Limits.”

So yeah, the e-liquid is poisonous. I prefer to remain anonymous. 

He’s been infusing our country with poison during the whole time he’s been in the White House. Get Stephen Miller out of there! Now!

Shandon/Hollywood-Rosehill: We need to talk about these little green and blue plastic bags. Throwing plastic bags full of dog feces on your neighbor’s curb is only slightly less awful than letting your dog leave a big steamy pile in your neighbor’s yard. We live here. Our children play in these yards and on these streets. Do we really want to live in a place littered with plastic bags full of dog s#!t? These leafy suburbs are full of wealthy and well-educated people who drive electric cars, use recycling bins, and place political signs expressing all the correct opinions on all the issues in their yards. They display all the approved virtue signals on all the trendy environmental issues. Yet, they litter their own neighborhood with plastic bags, and not just any plastic bags, but plastic bags full of foul canine excrement!

Did you get that? Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, conducts foreign policy in spite of not working for our government. Mike Pompeo, who is supposed to be working for our government, is functioning as Donald Trump’s personal attorney. Things are upside down. 

That’s OK Rant and Rave. I’ll still read you even though you are stupidly squishing. Don’t do it again!

Regarding [Rant and Rave on] November 13 “quid pro quo or no quid pro quo”, the House can work on impeaching Trump AND pass bills to try to solve America’s problems, such as your greenhouse gasses issue, as well as gun control, healthcare, election reform, etc. The only problem is that Moscow Mitch and his Senate Republican comrades are sitting on their asses refusing to present, discuss and pass said legislation while they talk out of the same asses defending Putin’s buddy in the White House!

Hey, let’s try treating each other with respect for a change.

My daughter’s middle name is her grandma’s name.

Why are restaurants and stores moving to the Village at Sandhill, when you go up there and all you see is gangs of teens roaming the streets and sidewalks?

My eight-year-old granddaughter wants to see the movie Frozen 2. Let it go, let it go.

You will never be free until you know Jesus Christ.

Rage on, heathens. Rage on.

This is BG, the Blind Guy. I say it’s time for a revolution. Gather up all the peaches you can gather up young people, and take them to Washington. Throw them at every politician, including the president. I am tired of the swamp gathering up all the dollars they can in their little syndicate and retiring in luxury while we suffer.

Who the hell are the idiots who keep putting the football games on at the same time here in South Carolina very weekend. That’s worse than Uber service charges.

I had wisdom teeth taken out last week. I’m all out of wisdom. Yeah.

The Klan is happy because they’ve got the grand dragon in the White House.

The registrar from Richland County needs to go out to Blythewood and kick some ass.

So about the $40 million in the audit of the Richland Penny Tax: White collar crime at its best. They’ve been living high on the hog on that penny.

Veterans Administration ripping off veterans? Oh yeah.

It will be a cold day in hell before this Senate convicts Donald Trump. Both sides know that, and both sides are being dishonest about it.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Nov. 9] To the person who complained about not being able to get through the Rant line. I had the same problem until I found out you can wait until the end of the recording and when they say “press 1”, press 1. Then you’ve got the Rant line.

For Thanksgiving, instead of having Turkey, I’m going to have quail. I’ll probably have five of them to fill me up.

I tried to do the math homework of a second grader. I admit, I’m not smarter than a second grader.

So we had an overnight earthquake in Columbia, measuring 2.0? I thought it was my wife turning over in the bed.

We must have some lonely people in South Carolina. They have ear plugs in their ears all day and earphones on their head all day. They must need someone to talk to.

I’ll tell you how not to keep your toilet clean. I put a chlorine hockey puck in the tank above the toilet, thinking I’d have a sparkling commode. Well, the chlorine ate through all the rubber, dissolved the rubber. Last night at midnight the commode started leaking. That’s what nine years of college on a two-year degree will do for you.

I like South Carolina. But, it is true: Every pretty lady in South Carolina has a boyfriend that’s tired of f#!king them. That’s really true.

Why would I call a plumber that can’t even sing?

Hey folks, Veterans Day recently came. My brother volunteered and went to Vietnam. I thank God he came home.

I wish the Free Times and The Post and Courier would unite and give us one decent newspaper in Columbia. The State is long gone and incapable of covering anything but USC athletics, about which they are poor, at that. It is a shame that a city this size does not have a daily newspaper of any quality and any conversation that is worth reading about.

Bake your pies and smash them in any politician’s face.

Should I call Bill? Should I call 2s? Should I call 9s? Should I call Hawk Law? Or should I call Shelly? Now that girl needs some Cadillac.

My wife is having a cleaning lady come over. First my wife is going to clean the house so it’s not dirty when the cleaning lady comes over.

As the head of the Taste Buds, my name is Taco Ted.

USC sucks at football.

Wow. The regulators, state officials, Santee Cooper and SCE&G were filling their pockets up with gold.

The last time we talked about a bus system in Lexington County, all I got was that black people and criminals ride the bus system.

Hey Mungo homes, you are going to build 222 structures on 66 acres in Lexington? What, are you kidding me?

People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Why do bears wear fur coats? They’d look funny wearing sweaters.

Hello, this is the Lizard Man. I’ve been hanging out in Bishopville, but I’m not getting all the attention I should be getting. So, I might be coming through Columbia real soon. So, look for the Lizard Man. I’m coming your way.

It has now been nearly two generations that South Carolina has allowed right turns at red lights. Yet more than a few drivers have apparently not noticed this yet.

Rave, rave, rave until infinity for the Seattle Seahawks. Best in the west, best in the world.

The gold transportation van that just ran the red light at Broad River and Young: You could have caused a serious accident. I hope you got there on time to pick up your client on Marley Drive, or off Marley Drive.

The keyword is “whistleblower.”

The military has always been tight-lipped. My dear uncle flew over Korea.

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