Rant and Rave: What happened to the lasers?

Southern Lights test

A Southern Lights test over the Congaree River in 2017

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So, what happened to that completely out of place, $120,000 laser light installation at the river? Are we going to pretend that it wasn't an extraordinary waste of money? Are we to believe that it is still being worked on and is not a complete failure? Are they remaining silent about it, with the hope that we will all eventually forget? 

Just a shout out to the powers that be within Richland County School District One for allowing the ruin of the transportation department. 

Lindsey has developed a spine since he started supporting President Trump, and helped expose the Hitleresque progressive liberals for what they are! The Kavanaugh appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court comes to mind! Also if President Trump is so stupid explain to me how he become a billionaire. One thing that President Trump is not is a professional politician, unlike Joe, Nancy, and Adam! Frosty.

When confronted with facts, blind faith becomes willful ignorance. Faith is admirable, willful ignorance is inexcusable.

Jack O’Donnell, former president and CEO for Trump’s Plaza Hotel in NYC for over 20 years, has described Donald Trump’s propensity to lie as “pathological.” An example of this (and there are many) is Trump’s declaration on THREE different occasions that his father Fred Trump was BORN IN GERMANY. Live and taped interviews in a NATO summit, interview with the EU and another interview at one of his golf courses. Google it and you can see it for yourself. Fred Trump’s birth certificate clearly indicates a birth in BRONX, NY! A man that lies about his dad’s birth location to make a political point is in my opinion despicable. But that word fits this son of a b#!ch like a glove. His fellow GOP ASS KISSERS WILL SAY THEY NEED FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. They can all look at the videos and proceed to call it fake news! This man is a despicable narcissist and everyone knows it!

It has recently been brought to my attention that lynching is now a racist term and cannot be used in its original form, which is to say being judged without due process. But fortunately enough, as long as you are a Democratic polemicist then it’s OK to talk about whipping people into whatever shape you would have them be in front of an ALL BLACK SCHOOL. F#!king go, PC warriors!

Quid pro quo or no quid pro quo? While the earth spins out of control from human greenhouse gas generation, let’s ignore it so we can focus on Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine. Worldwide, groundwater and glaciers are being mined to grow food, and running out due to disturbance of weather patterns. Do we need to build many nuclear plants ASAP, which we are apparently now incapable of doing? Do we need a hefty carbon tax-and-dividend? Not important. Quid pro quo or no quid pro quo? That is the question!

USC’s board of trustees will reduce its size, commit to a composition that reflects the diversity of its community, implement term and age limits and strengthen requirements to become a member. UofSC is now truly different from USC — now that kind of branding will stick. 

Today, on our local Nextdoor Digest, a woman asked about a candidate for the city council at Large seat. She asked if anyone knew anything about the candidate as far as being Christian or conservative. Conservatism is one thing, but whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

I was having lunch with my right wing, conservative friends when it was brought up that no one has been able to make any of the charges against Trump stick. They seemed to think this was a good thing. Anyone knows it is difficult to stick anything to slime.

Gamecock fans have no class. They even boo the opposing players before a game. Go back to high school if you want to do that.

The NCAA college football season has the Butkus awards. Congress under Donald Trump should have the “butt kiss” awards.

The only white band I’d wanna see at Famously Hot New Year would be Blue Jean Committee.

“Christmas Time is Here” started playing in my office’s bathroom on November 1. No, it is not here, please stop rushing it.

Hey Dick I think I seen your wife Dicketta almost causing several accidents at Malfunction Junction. Does she drive a white Kia?

Yo Free Times, I don’t care what time the doors open. Tell me what time the band is actually scheduled to play.

I wonder why you are still talking, August Krickel. Nobody marks you. Have a nice November.

Amy, we will miss you!!

Are we really supposed to think that the corporate mainstream media is going to report objectively on health care reform when it’s accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue from Big Pharma each year?

I’ve always understood there was a law against loud mufflers in Columbia. I hear them every day. They are very distracting and dangerous. Thank you.

Hey folks, sometimes life’s too easy. Mr. Graham said Mr. Clinton should be impeached. Now Mr. Graham says Donald Trump does not belong in that category.

I have a fashion statement. Do not wear white socks when you wear black shoes.

I read in the Free Times [Oct. 23] about the plutonium at the Savannah River Site. I’ve got a good way to get rid of the plutonium. All you got to do is hold it in front of Clyburn’s mouth and let him breathe on it. That breath will disintegrate anything. Have a good day.

This is Figaro. Someone made a comment about all the white men who make up our laws. Well, I just looked at Richland County Council, and that picture looks like a mixture of quite a few races. So, what’s the problem now? Oh, that’s right, you’re not looking in the right direction.

This is BG, the Blind Guy. The only reason Donald Trump didn’t want to stay in Syria is because they didn’t want him to build a hotel there.

How is it that South Carolina is able to get rid of an outdated flag, but they still have the fighting Gamecocks, which is now a federal felony. What is going on?

A religious question: How can heaven be better than my dear rescue pup laying next to me snoring? Not a care in the world.

To all you cops out there, one of your own just got rolled over in a school zone by a driver distracted by a cellphone. Take of your blinders, start enforcing the law and pushing restrictive penalties, before someone gets killed. You’ve apparently given up enforcing the laws against speeding.

Some moms love their kids, and some moms love money.

Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

I like watching WIS news. But why don’t people get off their texts and Facebook?

If I could address any political gathering, of either party, I would say one thing: “If you have ever read the Constitution of the United States from beginning to end, please stand up.” I wonder how many people would be standing.

Has anybody heard anything about these reimbursements we are supposed to get from SCANA for screwing us out of all that money from the failed nuclear plant? Or is it going to get swept under the rug like all the tar in the Congaree River?

I just saw Dominion commercial where they say one out of every five employees is a veteran. Isn’t that the ratio of vets to non-vets in America?

Consolidating small school districts makes perfect sense. But have you noticed that the only districts that our politicians talk about consolidating are poor, rural, minority districts that generally vote Democratic?

My friend accidentally butt dialed his boss. He was told to dial it back.

The Taste Buds and I went to Yesterdays. The food and service were excellent.

My wife is like State Farm: She’s in good hands.

The Chicken Curse is alive.

There are two decisions that are critical in a person’s life. The first is you accept Jesus, the son of God, as a personal savior. The second decision has to do with discipleship. Will we follow Jesus completely?

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