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Rant and Rave: Vaccine thoughts and more about Trump and Graham

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Mature man taking a vaccine from his doctor

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Tipping. It is an American capitalist abnormality. But, it is a fact. So, if you tip your barista or bartender just for serving you a drink, then it is only right to tip workers at fast food restaurants and buffets. They deserve it. They need it.

Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore? Don't They know it's the end of the world, 'cause Trump's not president anymore? Why does my heart go on beating? Why do these eyes of mine cry? Don't They know it's the end of the world, since Twitter said to Trump "bye bye"?

No Mask-No Vax = NO BRAINS

The past few issues have posts each party blaming the other for more violence than your own. However, the fact remains, those people who stormed the Capitol were not Democrats, or the left wing, or Black Lives Matter groups. They were extreme right groups. And five people died as a result. The Democrats did not seek to overturn an honest and fair election. It was the right.

Sorry to tell you but Republicans believe in the free market, when it comes to pay, you get what you deserve! Also healthcare, workers comp, unemployment insurance, pensions, childcare, parental leave, paid leave, and paid sick leave, etc. All of these things are your own responsibility, and you need to work it out with your employer! If you want the state or federal government involved with all these things, you’re an idiot!

To exclude LGBT people from hate crime legislation is declaring open season on them. Shame on you. Jesus didn’t act like that. Even the Pope shows compassion for gay people. Once again we are proving that SC stands for hate. Christian state indeed.

Sen. Harpootlian wants to fine tune laws relating to what is and is not a bar/restaurant. If businesses are restricted to how much adult beverage they can sell, how much revenue will the city lose? But even funnier is the response by Sen. Senn that Harpo's bill only apply in Columbia, ergo, special legislation. Oy! As for Cola's tackling solutions to its high taxes, I think raising them is a workable option since it will lose tons of beverage taxes.

Hey. I used to date a girl with a wooden leg. But. I had to break it off.

Catalina dressing is just ketchup for salad.

You know that movie "The Purge"? Can somebody please tell me how I can introduce that into the legislation to get that bill passed? Just sayin' I think it'd solve a lot of our problems.

Turtle would like to bring up a small factoid. Three to 4 percent of the national budget for the military is enough money to feed the whole world. Why are we buying guns and not butter?

Listening to Lindsey Graham try to explain himself is like listening to a snake shed its skin.

Richland County approves taking away credit cards from council members because Vice Chairman Myers spending all that damn money on herself and her family. They've taken away the credit cards. Whereas were the counties of Charleston, York, Greenville, Spartanburg and Lexington does not allow council members to carry cards. Richland County shoulda known that years ago. Get with it Richland County Council.

I think if all the vaccination clinics were walk in, without an appointment, no appointment needed, then more people would get their shots.

You know, 3,000 is a good number, which means poll takers should randomly call 3000 people and ask them, "Did you support Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden? And if you got a check for $1400, are you going to catch it?" You understand the premise here is that a whole bunch of people, and even this one channel on TV, they don't like the relief package. But then, you know, you say, well, are you going to cash your check? But then they're going to commercial.

You know, I love to read. And that beautiful article, which was terrible, in The State paper about teachers. Now, I'm gonna tell you how stupid this state is. South Carolina, the dumb state, the dumbest state in America, white trash. You can hang up, but that's fine. But listen to this. South Carolina doesn't have enough teachers. And no mom or dad teacher wants to take COVID home to their parents or kids. So they they wait out and they resign. This state doesn't love teachers.

I was told I couldn't claim car repairs on my vehicles in 2012 unless I had all of my gasoline receipts for the whole year. Is that true? Somebody helped me out here. H&R Block or somebody, somebody help me out.

All y'all that don't want to take the vaccine out there: You know, you can make up your own decision but as for me, whatever it takes for me to sit down and eat with my family and to hug my momma and to hug my sisters and nieces and nephews and relatives again, I'll do anything to be able to do that. As long as we all got that vaccine shot, we can come together with some peace that at least something can't sneak in there and destroy us now, because the vaccine has already worked it out.

Do you know what you'd call a cow that's on the ground? Ground beef.

I saw an older gentleman waiting in line to get a vaccine. A friend of his came by and said, "I thought you'd have to go to the veterinarian to get your vaccine." Aha!

I'm not saying life in Orangeburg, South Carolina, is boring. But I spent two weeks there one night.

Donald Trump has magic, according to Lindsey Graham. Yes, he's so magical that the Republicans lost the Senate, the House and the White House under his fake leadership.

My child works for the company so I can promise you that by 2024, taking Uber will include small electric airplanes for your speedy convenience. It is the future!

As a "Leftist," I'm enjoying the Biden/Harris administration's program of ultra-woke, anti-racist economic austerity and intersectional feminist regime change wars. I really hope they decide to paint BLM and rainbow flags on the bombs they drop on Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Civilians in the Middle East definitely appreciate it when you hire gender non-conforming drone pilots to murder their family members and neighbors indiscriminately.

Richland Library, where are you?

Is that Chris Trainor? (Laughs) Ooops.

It's taken me some time to respond to the person about Yankees being in the South. It's taken me so long because I know I need to use small words that he or she would be able to understand. Remember this: Electricity, telephone, cars and everything else had been invented by Yankees. And now to test how smart you might be, look up the word "macadam." And that is something that you use every day. Remember: All the stuff that we invented, or just bringing it down to the South, to teach you how to do it the right way.

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