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Rant and Rave: USC gripes and more politics

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University of South Carolina

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I had a gas leak after eating at a Taco Bell. Yeah.

Hey, folks, you know, this Mrs. Greene with Q Anon that says all these crazy things. But isn't she Trump Jr. in the feminine? Because Mr. Trump just said something that gets your attention and never got my attention. You don't argue with idiots? My pop was really good. Einstein said the same thing. Don't argue with these dear people. The lord said the same thing, you let those people drown.

I've called one of my friends that went out on a date with us that he was an honorary member of the taste buds. He said please, ‘I don't want to be a member.’

Four or five years ago Dylann Roof was tried and convicted of killing those people in Charleston. He was sentenced to death. Why in the world is he going to a new trial? He should be put in front of a firing squad and shot.

I found it surreal that I was watching a NASCAR race. It was raining and the loudspeaker was playing, 'Car wash. Wanna have a car wash?' Yeah.

What is Hump Day? The day between Tuesday and Thursday.

You got children on the road picking up trash, even adults in front of them checking the road and the ditches for snakes. Thank you.

My friend was thinking of the greatest pickup lines in the 70s and 80s. He said one of them was: If I told you you had a beautiful body. Would you hold it against me? Haha, yeah.

Hey, folks, this is not a rant or rave, but, you know, it's like asking a pretty girl out you don't know until you ask. If you publish an article, if you can't include who's paying the tab, who's picking up the tab for Mr. Roof, the gentleman that killed nine people in Charleston? Who's paying the legal bills for his defense team? That's part one. Two is who's picking up the tab for the recount in Arizona?

Hey, this is a rave. I guess. Specifically for good old Reverend Gray. He was a Sunday school teacher I had that was just unreal. He was just unreal. He was really good. And let's switch gears and go to Mrs. Greene. In the press right now with this Holocaust, I guess, BS. If you look at Revelations in the Bible, chapter 22 verse 13, I can't quote the verse, but I can quote the number. But Revelations in the bible tells you that some people love to lie.

Hey, Free Times last week, I said 'The Richland County Sheriff's deputy was filling up his patrol car. Filling up his patrol car.' (Rant and Rave, May 26) If you can't print the s#!t, right? Don't print it at all. I mean what kind of idiot would print that, what y'all printed? Are you from Clemson or what? Have a nice day.

Hi, what's with the Columbia Police Department driving sideways on the sidewalks in downtown Columbia almost running over pedestrians. So what's up with that?

I think before people start sampling food on television, they need to make sure they say their grace first.

How does Preach Jacobs earn a living? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yeah just heard on the news where USC is breaking grounds for campus village. Ain't there enough g#! damn apartments around the campus to supply for the students?

This goes out to the Columbia City Council about the University of South Carolina. They need to check their records. USC has taken over Columbia. We have apartments at Gervais and Harden in Five Points. Students have taken over Five Points on Friday and Saturday night. We have apartments and housing around Williams Brice Stadium. Apartment high rises have taken over Main Street on Friday, Saturday night.

Samuel E. Wright from Camden, South Carolina, passed away. He played the voice of Sebastian the crab in the Little Mermaid movie. Under the sea, Sebastian. Under the sea.

You know, my neighbor is a really, really pretty blonde lady in her 40s and she told me that she can't say ‘no,’ and she's married. Do you want her phone number? Just call me. But Mr. Biden is married to a pretty beautiful, smart woman. That's unheard of in the Trump world. Mr. Biden is married to a beautiful, smart, smart lady. There's no such thing in the Trump world.

Uh on national burger day. I went to my favorite fast food restaurant and said, 'please don't cook the burger all the way.' They said, 'Get out of here!'

I came home on a very hot day and a homeless guy was sucking Freon out of my air conditioner in the backyard. I said 'Hey man, that's not a cool thing to do.'

Donald Trump never got the popular vote. He was impeached twice and lied every day. One good thing was he showed us how not to act so he was the ultimate bad example. Nothing and no one is all good or all bad.

When was America great? (I really like America) My Republican friends can't tell me. Red Hat dudes couldn't tell me. I figured it out my own. 1895 Plessy v. Ferguson — separate but equal. 1954 Brown v. Board — overturned Plessy. 61 glorious years! Ah, now we know.

Republicans are passing voter suppression laws in many states. That just means we, Democrats and responsible Republicans, must work harder to replace these politicians at all levels of government! We did it in 2020 so we can do it again in 2022 and 2024 and 2026 and on and on and . . . !

Lindsey Graham (W-SC) is working to help Trump put together a platform for his presidential campaign for 2024. South Carolina, your tax dollars at work!

Watch the movie "Green Mile." The execution scene. Fast forward, SC wants to use it. Now, this dude deserves to die in prison. Our governor and everyone in the legislature that voted for the electric chair should be there in person. Henry, you pull the switch!

The TRUTH about 2020 voter fraud is out!! FINALLY!!! From Maricopa County, AZ! CyberNinja audit reporter: "WE FOUND THEM! Thousands of destroyed records that ain't there!" County BOE Official: "Did you look in the computer?" CN ar: "Computer?? OH S#!T! There they are! Now, wth woulda thought to look there!"

Today’s SEC tournament effort and loss shows how Tanner and Kingston’s OK to lose attitude affects our student athletes! Sure, we’re not going to win every time, but we never entered a game in the past without making every effort to win! With this losing attitude, we would save a lot of money not participating in the upcoming Regionals!

When they say there is a toilet paper shortage everyone goes out and buys it. When they say there is a gas shortage everyone goes out and buys it. Why doesn't the media announce a job shortage so all the people collecting unemployment will rush out and get a job ... there are plenty out there.

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