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Rant and Rave: Unemployment, partisanship and some spiritual tips

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Parties alienated from God cannot help but be alienated from one another.

The best way to produce peace between alienated minds, is to bring them to the same Savior.

Complaining about restaurants being crowded and long lines and no employees. Well what do you expect? When a waitress makes less than $3 plus tips, who's going to work for less than $3 an hour, they need to raise the minimum wage.

This goes out to the Board of Trustees for the University of South Carolina. Think about what Strom Thurmond done for the university and for this state and keep the name Strom Thurmond Wellness Center.

I was watching the supermoon. Drink.

You know, I personally don't like debt. This is the second house that has been paid for. Some folks in America are concerned about the money that Mr. Biden and the democrats are adding up. I'll just stop right there adding, tacking on. A. Sometimes you have to spend money and this is a pandemic. But B. Don't you dare forget, Donald Trump thought that this country was underleveraged which means he wanted to get mounds of debt.

The class clown would like to share a quote from Jane Jenkins Herlog. Lord give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can't. Words To Live By.

I'm trying to say what brand of bottled water to buy but the market is saturated. Yeah.

So Tucker Carlson and lawyer Powell are using the no reasonable person defense. The argument is no reasonable person would believe my lies. So I'm not liable for whatever happens. I can say the election was fraudulent and stolen. And if somebody believes me and something bad happens, I'm not liable because they are not reasonable. Will ex-president Trump use that excuse for the crime of inciting the insurrection. If you knowingly lie, and something bad happens, shouldn't you be liable?

You know, I get so tired of everywhere I go. I hear people saying at restaurants, Ubers, Lyfts, nobody wants to work. Everybody's sitting at home getting a check. Nobody wants to come back. Well, you know what, I think we got 100,000 immigrants at the border in Texas. Let's just go ahead and bring em on into America. Put them all to work. Let's do that. And then the people that are sitting at home getting their checks when their checks run out.

You know, I thank the Lord I don't get the Fox channel, but besides that, CNN, in plain English, CNN just sucks. Two reporters for CNN are picking on this, maybe Japanese, tennis chick for dropping out, because she needs to catch her breath. And add your girl from CNN talk for two minutes without taking a breath non stop about this tennis player, probably all kinds of bulls#!t.

This is the Columbia Yeah, guy. I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day. Thank you military men and women for your sacrifice.

You know over 100,000 people at a racing event this week. No masks, no social distancing. Millions of people traveling over the memorial weekend. No masks, no social distancing. But still, the cruise lines are not open up yet. What's going on CDC? Did somebody from a cruise line beat you up when you were a kid? Is that what's going on here? Let's bring back the cruise ships now. Now CDC. Let's get with it. It's not funny anymore.

You know, the Uber and Lyft drivers are complaining because they're getting screwed over, not getting paid too much. The passengers of the Uber and Lyft drivers are complaining because they're getting screwed over, because they're being charged too much. Hell just take a taxi, we get screwed over by everybody.

Keep your spiritual tank full. Keep your spiritual tank full.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Hey, I would just like to thank all you democrats for voting this two most stupid people in the world to run our country. Gas prices going up. Inflation going up. Groceries are out the roof and they're spending money like it's grown on trees. Come on, they can do better than that. They're just a bunch of idiots.

You know, all these dear people that are reexamining all these ballots looking for bamboo. But the point is, if you go back to election time, it was taking 20 days to get my credit card bill out of Texas. Now it's back down to five. The mail actually slowed down around election time. But the point is, there is nothing worse than somebody that cheats and loses. And that's what you see. Trump cheated and lost and it is just blowing his mind.

Hey, here's a ... I'll call right back.

To the right wing, so called Christians and banana Republicans who are anti immigration zealots. Turtle would ask them to crack open their dusty Bibles and read Leviticus 19 verse 34. To see what biblical law says about aliens. Thank you.

It is Thursday, five o'clock. Do you know where your crack dealer is? Well you better hope he's not at the Red Roof Inn over by the airport on Airport Boulevard because there's I mean, damn, there's like 500 cops in front of it. So have a nice day. Sounds like a drug bust to me.

Senator MacLean, the first Black woman to run for governor. I bet you Governor Tillman and Stron Thurmond are turning over in their graves right now.

The Republi-cons will never, never, never be thought of as anything but rabid, psychotic animals in need of being put down.

The Cameron Curmudgeon was looking at the headlines this morning and saw that murders were up 25% in South Carolina. But yet our banana Republicans in Columbia and in many other states have just passed an open carry law. What the hell are they thinking? Welcome to the Wild West.

The Tokyo Olympics is going to have social distancing of six feet. Since they have international competition, shouldn't they use that metric system? Yeah.

Trump: I'm not the one trying to undermine democracy

I do not understand this state. Alcohol is enough of a problem that some are still trying to shut down Five Points. Yet, alcohol is easier to get via delivery and they are giving away beer to vaccination recipients, instead of, say, groceries.

We’ve all seen those “In God We Trust” license plates. If there is anyone I don’t trust, it's God.

SC AG Alan Wilson, are you really going to accept the bribe for all the fentanyl deaths so the biggest drug kingpins ever in America can keep their money and not go to jail? The Sacklers. Bankrupt them. Throw them in prison. Forever. Don't take their 30 shekels!

Defunding the police will be giving in to the biggest crime sector we have in America. It's also the dumbest idea ever. A month before the next election the democrats will distance themselves from this idiocy.

Most kids wanted to be like Mike. I wanted to be like Tom Savini.

Too much politics in the Rants and Raves! ALLLL Y'ALLLL sound crazy! I'd rather be watching Tales From the Darkside.

Jennifer Aniston got her start in a Leprechaun movie. That ain't the kind of FRIEND I'd like! Sheee it.

Rename it for Alex English - poet, NBA all-star, Carolina HOF-er. In with the new, out with the old racist.

Memorial Day is a holiday where we feign gratitude for the sacrifices made by service members while continuing to send them into unnecessary wars like those advocated for by President Joe Biden ... who voted for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who continues to drop bombs on Syria, and who continues to escalate a new Cold War with Russia and China.

How is it possible for anyone to be stupid as Sydney Powell? Right wingers absolutely amaze me.

So the Republican Party decided to put their fingers in their ears and sing LA-LA-LA instead of finding out what transpired at the Capitol on January 6. What are they afraid of — the truth? Must be.

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