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Senator Lindsey Graham addresses the Citadel Republican Society on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Lauren Petracca/Staff

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I believe that Lindsey Graham used to have a moral compass. But he's clearly lost it in his competition with Rand Paul to be Trump's best buddy. If you should find it (it's monogrammed), please mail it to the Senate office building. Maybe his spine will grow back.

Little known fact: One of Baghdadi’s successful terrorist plots was the lane design and traffic light flow patterns around I-20, 378 and Corley Mill. 

Can anyone believe Trump actually said his second favorite book was his own ghostwritten book The Art of the Deal after the Bible? Surely his constituents aren’t stupid enough to believe Trump reads the Bible. 

Lindsey Graham is a law graduate from the University of South Carolina, is an experienced lawyer, served his country in the Air Force Judge Advocate Office and in the Air National Guard, is a Bronze Star recipient and serves as chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee. I don’t understand how such a dedicated, intelligent, well-trained patriot can be so blindly dedicated to Trump, an individual who doesn’t have a single-digit percentage of Graham’s intelligence, knowledge of the law and our Constitution, empathy for people, desire to serve America (not himself), and respect for his fellow dedicated military members.  

Attention Lindsey Graham: Hypothetically, if someone had evidence of wrongdoing by three Democratic presidential candidates, do you really believe a whistleblower would come forward knowing your fellow Republican committee members, who should know better, would want to expose his/her identity? Grow up! 

You know the Swiss used to say Americans aren’t that smart, and that Americans have piss-poor memories. A lot of folks support Donald Trump, and don’t you forget he agreed his daughter was a piece of ass. 

My 190-pound friend tried to ride a camel. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Yeah, I’ve got big plans this weekend, but I ain’t going to tell you. 

When you try to deal with people and help them these days, why are they so nasty mouthed and frustrated?

You can’t serve two masters. What’s more important, your kids or money? 

Hank Aaron said, “it took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits. It only took me two days to get that many in golf.” 

I can understand dressing like an avocado for Halloween, but how does my friend dress like guacamole? 

What about Cheez-Its? 

I have to get a word out to all new USC students. Thank you for coming and choosing our town to go to college and giving us your money. But please, for the love of Christ, pick up your freaking trash. I’m tired of seeing boxes and tons of cans of White Claws all across the city, all over the river, all over the campus, all over Five Points, everywhere. In my 20 years of living in Columbia, South Carolina, y’all are hands down the dirtiest kids of those two decades. 

South Carolina fell to Tennessee. The Chicken Curse lives. 

I heard that Clemson has a class for exceptional children. They only have a couple kids in it. 

I was ready for time to fall back. We got an extra hour. I’m going to take a car trip to Atlanta. 

The Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros in the World Series. Who cares? 

Football Saturday in Columbia: Taxi cab from downtown to the stadium, $12-15. Uber/Lyft from downtown to the stadium, $30-40 with the surcharge. OK, which would you ride with? 

Is there anything too hard for God? 

My friend thinks everything goes with Fireball. For instance, pumpkin pie and Fireball. 

The wealthiest camel has the biggest hump. 

Those who have been in Congress forever, like Pelosi, are blaming Trump for old problems. What has she ever accomplished? 

A rave for the dachshund. The sausage dog is a champion and a dreamer of dreams. 

How does Ray Tanner prepare the Gamecocks? He covers them with onions and cheese and stuffs them into underwear. 

Has anyone ever seen a more stupid commercial than the Little Caesars one which shows this man and woman flopping their faces down on the table and describing the pizza. Geez! Marketers! 

I was not a Trump supporter at first because he was a Democrat for most of his life and I did not trust him on Supreme Court nominations. Surprisingly, he has been a fantastic success! What a fighter! Historically high stock market and lowest unemployment in history — I am not tired of winning quite yet. Defeating ISIS and killing its leader, still winning.  Too bad the opposition hates Trump more than they love America or they could be winning too.  

One must assume that being an inconsiderate, attention deprived moron is one of the requirements for employment as a Richland County ambulance driver. How is it possibly necessary to employ a siren near a residential area between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.? 

So how glaringly white is that Forest Acres commercial? The only black person is the guy collecting trash from the little white girl. Y’all gotta do better than that. That’s embarrassing. 

Allen Benedict Court lights are on everyday! Who is paying the light bill? 

The Irmo Police Department and the Irmo municipal court personnel are among the rudest, most arrogant, dishonest and ignorant personnel anywhere in the world. They change the court time by an hour and don’t respect anyone enough to send a notice. This division of the Richland County judicial system is a prime example of what causes people to hate and fear cops. If they don’t want people shooting them and resisting or fighting back, they have to shut all their arrogant mouths and respond to people in a decent respectable fashion. 

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Oct. 16] The writer: “I am a patriot and support Donald Trump 110 percent. He has done more for the United States while in office than any other president.” I presume the writer was referring to damage. I wholeheartedly agree.  

There are a lot of billboards around Columbia advertising ambulance chasers. 

Has our GLORIOUS and EXALTED leader ever been wrong? Even Jesus made a mistake. Not King Donald. 

Quid pro quo: USC’s faculty and staff need a “minimally adequate” governance by the board of trustees. Recent emails, texts and hot-mic comments reveal an adversarial mentality and disdain that will set the tone for years to come. The losers: the students at USC. Mission impossible: To be president at USC with this board. 

Winners look to improve themselves. Losers look to improve the refs. 

I have to say, I’m a wee bit confused. Climate-change guru and leader said in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, that the polar ice caps would melt and flood the coastal cities by 2014, now you tell me it won’t happen until the beginning of the next century 2100. Sure wish you climate-changers could get on the same page! Two things: Al Gore’s prediction was wrong, and please explain to me why President Obama dropped $14 million dollars on a home on the beach? Does he know something you don’t? Just sayin! Frosty 

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Oct. 23] How can Free Times let Rant and Rave post something this horrible? Wouldn’t this be considered fat shaming? I thought y’all were a bunch of dope smoking, progressive, liberal, social justice warriors! I say all the fat women unite, sit outside of your office, and protest! Shame on you Free Times! 

To Figaro: There are plenty of jobs out there, but first you have to leave your parents’ basement to look! Everywhere I go I see signs that say, “We’re hiring.” The jobs won’t come to you! Just saying!  

I find it curious that Free Times wrote about the amazing “diversity” of a music festival that only featured white people on stage when they KILL any other music festival in Columbia for not having enough of a hip-hop component. Weird how that works. 

City of Columbia, do you really have a broken elevator at your multi-story parking garage for long periods of time? Hampton and Sumter Streets. We enjoyed your lively downtown and spent money and paid taxes but then we couldn’t even get back to our car. The elevator worked on the way down but was broken by the time we wanted to go up. No decent stairway either? Whaaat?  

I see where the USC theatre department. is presenting the Shakespeare production Much Ado About Nothing. No doubt inspired by local media coverage of the Gamecocks football team.

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